descriptionPhysical-to-virtual tool
last changeFri, 12 Aug 2011 19:36:40 +0000 (21:36 +0200)
2011-08-12 Ben LiptonFix unit tests to account for last two patches master
2011-08-12 Ben LiptonSuppress an error at the end of the transfer p2v-transfer-v0.1
2011-08-12 Ben LiptonMake sure we edit the right known_hosts file
2011-08-12 Ben LiptonIf the .ssh directory doesn't exist, create it
2011-08-12 Ben LiptonReorganized README like the wiki page
2011-08-12 Ben LiptonFix errors in README commands
2011-08-12 Ben LiptonMake fix scripts device-agnostic
2011-08-12 Ben LiptonDynamically choose the hard disk device used in the...
2011-08-10 Ben LiptonImprove handling of devices in source fstab
2011-08-10 Ben LiptonAsk the user to confirm key, then insert it into known_...
2011-08-10 Iustin PopA few small style fixes
2011-08-09 Ben LiptonComment out problematic fstab lines instead of deleting...
2011-08-09 Ben LiptonOrder of filesystems in fstab is preserved
2011-08-09 Ben LiptonHandle inconsistencies in blkid
2011-08-09 Ben LiptonStub out time.sleep to make unit tests a lot faster
2011-08-09 Ben LiptonBetter handling of source filesystems
9 years ago p2v-transfer-v0.1 Release version 0.1 of p2v-transfer
10 years ago v0.9 Release version 0.9
10 years ago v0.8 Release version 0.8
11 years ago v0.7 Create tag for instance-debootstrap...
11 years ago v0.6 Create tag for instance-debootstrap...
12 years ago v0.5 Create tag for instance-debootstrap...
9 years ago master