2010-05-12 Guido TrotterUpdate git submodule to master
2010-05-12 Mike JurneyUpdate HMAC_CLUSTER_KEY to the new Ganeti name
2010-03-24 Guido TrotterRemove source network based ip rule
2010-03-24 Guido TrotterFix path mtu discovery from the instances
2010-03-24 Guido TrotterAdd fwmark based ip rule
2010-03-24 Guido Trotterrun-in-tempdir: use system ganeti if available
2010-03-24 Guido Trottercheck-ganeti-version: handle import error
2010-03-23 Guido TrotterDon't inject values in the ganeti constants
2010-03-23 Guido TrotterRequire ganeti version 2.1.1 or above
2010-03-23 Guido TrotterRevert "Add Ganeti submodule version check to configure"
2010-03-23 Guido TrotterDisable "method could be a function" lint message
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczImplement route invalidate request handling
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczAdd Ganeti submodule version check to configure
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczAdd basis for NLD->NLD communication
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczMove nld->confd related code into a separate file
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczLook up source node of misrouted packets
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczFactor out the instance-node map
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczAdd misrouted packet handler stub
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczAdd NFLOG iptables initialization
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczAdd stub for NFLOG support
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczAdd nflog as a checked dependency
2010-03-23 Balazs LeczUpdate ganeti.git submodule to aeb5cab
2010-03-09 Guido TrotterDistribute missing files
2010-02-26 Guido TrotterAdd check-nld watcher hook
2010-02-26 Guido TrotterMove the NLD constant to... constants! :)
2010-02-17 Balazs LeczStart using the MASTER_NBMA_INTERFACE config
2010-02-17 Balazs LeczImplement parsing of per-cluster options
2010-02-17 Balazs LeczInstantiate multiple periodic updaters
2010-02-17 Balazs LeczAdd per-cluster config file handler stub
2010-02-17 Guido TrotterAdd per-cluster configuration file
2010-02-04 Guido TrotterBump up version to 0.2.0 v0.2.0
2010-02-04 Guido TrotterAdd NEWS for versions 0.1.0 and 0.2.0
2010-02-04 Guido TrotterAdd initial devnotes file
2010-02-02 Balazs LeczRemove unnecessary pylint disable
2010-02-02 Balazs LeczLog error and empty answers at warning level
2010-02-02 Balazs LeczAdd periodic master node IP update
2010-02-02 Guido TrotterUpdate gitignore with a few recent additions
2010-02-02 Balazs LeczFix ganeti.confd.client import
2010-02-01 Guido TrotterBuild devel/upload
2010-02-01 Guido TrotterLink devel/review from the ganeti.git submodule
2010-02-01 Guido TrotterAdd lint makefile target
2010-02-01 Guido TrotterAdd pylint check to ./configure
2010-02-01 Guido TrotterAdd ganeti and ganeti_nbma makefile targets
2010-02-01 Guido TrotterSymlink some common files from ganeti.git
2010-02-01 Guido TrotterAdd ganeti as an nbma submodule
2010-02-01 Balazs LeczFix pylint warnings in test/nbma.config_unittest.py
2010-01-28 Balazs LeczFix pylint warnings in lib/*.py
2010-01-28 Balazs LeczFix pylint warnings in daemons/ganeti-nld
2010-01-26 Balazs LeczFix __slots__ definition in the NLDConfig class
2010-01-25 Guido TrotterAdd ac_python_module.m4 to nbma autotools
2010-01-15 Guido TrotterAdd debugging statements for nld callback
2010-01-15 Guido Trotterganeti-nld: use PeerSetManager
2010-01-15 Guido TrotterAdd PeerSetManager class
2010-01-15 Guido TrotterDon't force spurious table entries in the config
2009-12-09 Guido Trotterganeti-nld: fix a cut&paste error in a docstring
2009-12-09 Guido TrotterFix two indentation issues
2009-12-09 Guido Trotterganeti-nld: avoid spurious updates
2009-12-09 Guido Trotterganeti-nld: collapse mapping query
2009-12-09 Guido Trotternld: unhardcode "gtun0"
2009-12-09 Guido TrotterMove confd client inside NLDPeriodicUpdater
2009-12-09 Guido TrotterNLDConfig: parse tables/links as well
2009-12-09 Guido TrotterAdd default networking constants
2009-12-09 Guido TrotterUpdateNodeIPList: don't change confd answer
2009-11-17 Guido Trotterganeti-nld: Add a way to update the mc file
2009-11-17 Guido TrotterNLDConfdCallback: filter and warn on error results
2009-11-16 Guido Trotterganeti-nld: update MC list periodically
2009-11-16 Guido Trotterganeti-nld: fix initial startup
2009-10-23 Guido TrotterBump up version to 0.1.0 v0.1.0
2009-10-23 Guido TrotterAdd "proto static" to the routing setup routes
2009-10-22 Guido TrotterUnittest BashFragmentConfigParser for parenthesis
2009-10-22 Guido TrotterChange routeback to be per-network
2009-10-21 Guido TrotterAllow spaces before the end of line in ip rules
2009-10-21 Guido TrotterUse "onlink" rather than adding/removing routes
2009-10-20 Guido TrotterMake the AM_ENDPOINT grep more secure
2009-10-20 Guido Trotterrouting_setup: make grep safer
2009-10-20 Guido Trotterrouting_setup.in: use builtin test
2009-10-20 Guido TrotterMake sure instance traffic is routed back in nbma
2009-10-20 Guido Trotterip addr add: specify a netmask to the address
2009-10-20 Guido Trotterrouting setup: use route replace
2009-10-19 Guido TrotterNLD: add endpoints to allowed nodes
2009-10-19 Guido TrotterNLD: load config files passed in as arguments
2009-10-19 Guido TrotterAdd package sysconf dir to python constants
2009-10-19 Guido Trotterconfig: NLDConfig class
2009-10-19 Guido Trotterconfig BashFragmentConfigParser
2009-10-19 Guido TrotterNLD: move startup of NLD into its own class
2009-10-19 Guido TrotterAdd basic unittesting framework
2009-10-17 Guido Trotteriptables_setup: selectively disable conntrack
2009-10-16 Guido TrotterRevert "iptables_setup: don't load config file"
2009-10-01 Guido TrotterSplit the config file per endpoint
2009-10-01 Guido Trotteriptables_setup: don't load config file
2009-10-01 Guido Trottergre_setup: load the ip_gre module if not present
2009-09-30 Guido TrotterInitial ganeti-nld code
2009-09-30 Guido TrotterCreate python constants and _autoconf
2009-09-30 Guido TrotterDistribute the nbma python package
2009-09-28 Guido TrotterChange project name to ganeti-nbma
2009-09-28 Guido Trotterrouting_setup: enable more forwarding on endpoints
2009-09-28 Guido Trottergre_setup: configure endpoint ip or mapping
2009-09-28 Guido Trottercommon.sh: add automatic endpoint detection
2009-09-28 Guido TrotterMove config file load into common.sh fragment
2009-09-28 Guido TrotterChange BASE_NETDEV to GRE_BASE_NETDEV