2011-03-11 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS file for version 0.3.1 master stable-0.3 v0.3.1
2011-03-11 Iustin PopUpdate copyright years in the man pages
2011-03-11 Iustin PopRemove obsolete env vars from the manpages
2011-02-17 Iustin PopFix dist archive generation
2011-02-17 Iustin Popluxi backend: show attribute names in errors
2011-02-10 Iustin PopUpdate exit code information in the hbal man page
2011-02-10 Adeodato SimoFix broken hscolour.css symlink in tarball
2011-02-04 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS file for the 0.3.0 release v0.3.0
2011-02-03 Iustin PopRemove an obsolete TODO
2011-02-03 Iustin PopUpdate w.r.t. simulation mode changes
2011-02-03 Iustin PopPrevent allocation on unallocable node groups
2011-02-03 Iustin PopFix bug in simulation backend
2011-02-03 Iustin PopPrecompute allocation nodes
2011-02-03 Iustin PopChange the AllocNodes type and functions
2011-02-03 Iustin PopExtract node pair generation from tryAlloc
2011-02-01 Iustin PoptryAlloc: restrict valid node pairs to same-group
2011-02-01 Iustin PopCluster.hs: add a new type alias
2011-01-10 Iustin PopRapi: read and use the vm_capable node flag
2011-01-10 Iustin PopIAllocator: read and use the vm_capable node flag
2011-01-10 Iustin PopIAllocator: replace fake policy with real one
2011-01-10 Iustin PopJSON: improve error reporting
2011-01-10 Iustin PopJSON functions: change signature of (maybe)fromObj
2011-01-07 Iustin PopConvert node evacuation to multi-group
2011-01-07 Iustin PopEvacuation: extract the inner fold function
2011-01-07 Iustin PopRapi: fully evaluate the body in getUrl
2011-01-07 Iustin PopRapi: move the curl options list to a separate var
2011-01-07 Iustin Pophscan: fix long-standing bug with node memory data
2011-01-07 Iustin PopNode: add and export a 'used disk' function
2011-01-07 Iustin PopNode: Export the instance memory function
2011-01-07 Iustin PopInstance relocation: stay within the current group
2010-12-30 Iustin PopContainer: remove fromAssocList
2010-12-30 Iustin PopParallelize the balancing computations
2010-12-30 Iustin PopAllocation routines: return list of resource stats
2010-12-30 Iustin PopFix updating of available (V)CPUs in CStats
2010-12-30 Iustin PopRAPI: implement backwards compat with Ganeti 2.3
2010-12-30 Iustin PopDocument Utils.tryFromObj
2010-12-30 Iustin PopAdd 'Read' instances for most objects
2010-12-30 Iustin Pophspace: abstract the listing of the allocation map
2010-12-30 Iustin PopAdd maybePrintInsts for the instance listing
2010-12-30 Iustin PopAdd maybePrintNodes for abstracting the node list
2010-12-30 Iustin PopAdd maybeSaveData for cluster state saving
2010-12-30 Iustin PopSimplify the codeflow in hscan.hs
2010-12-30 Iustin PopConvert Text.serializeCluster to ClusterData
2010-12-30 Iustin PopConvert the rest of the pipeline to ClusterData
2010-12-30 Iustin PopMove part of the loader pipeline to ClusterData
2010-12-30 Iustin PopConvert Loader.RqType to ClusterData
2010-12-30 Iustin PopAdd a new type ClusterData
2010-12-30 Iustin PopAjust hspace manpage for the new simulation syntax
2010-12-30 Iustin PopSimulation backend: read the allocation policy too
2010-12-30 Iustin PopSimulation backend: allow multiple node groups
2010-12-23 Iustin PopMerge branch 'stable-0.2'
2010-12-23 Iustin PopMove man files to man/ subdirectory stable-0.2
2010-12-23 Iustin PopMerge branch 'stable-0.2'
2010-12-23 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS file for 0.2.8 release devel-0.2 v0.2.8
2010-12-23 Iustin Pophbal: return meaningful exit code for job failures
2010-12-23 Iustin PopChange the balancing function
2010-12-23 Iustin PopMove some tiered spec functionality to Cluster.hs
2010-12-20 Iustin PopIAllocator: respect the alloc_policy for groups
2010-12-20 Iustin Pophail: allow overriding cluster data from requests
2010-12-20 Iustin PopText: read/write the allocation policy
2010-12-20 Iustin PopLuxi: read the allocation policy from the cluster
2010-12-20 Iustin PopRapi: read the allocation policy from the cluster
2010-12-20 Iustin PopImplement a JSON instance for AllocPolicy
2010-12-20 Iustin Poplive-test: support multi-group clusters
2010-12-20 Iustin PopText.hs: serialize cluster tags when writing data
2010-12-20 Iustin PopText.hs: also read cluster tags from the data file
2010-12-20 Iustin PopText.hs: change to use sepSplit
2010-12-20 Iustin PopGeneralise the sepSplit function
2010-12-20 Iustin Pophail: display group names in info messages
2010-12-20 Iustin Pophbal: display the group name in the multi-group case
2010-12-20 Iustin PopText.hs: also save the group data when serialising
2010-12-20 Iustin PopChange the attribute
2010-12-20 Iustin PopRework the data loader pipelines to read groups
2010-12-20 Iustin PopAdd lookupGroup utility function
2010-12-20 Iustin PopAdd a new Group.hs module describing node groups
2010-12-20 Iustin PopAdd the new OpQueryGroups opcode definition
2010-12-15 Iustin PopUpdate hscolour usage
2010-12-09 Iustin PopImprove error reporting for small clusters
2010-12-09 Iustin Pophail/allocate: implement multi-group support
2010-12-09 Iustin Pophail: remove the custom info message generation
2010-12-09 Iustin PopAdd a 'log' attribute to allocation solutions
2010-12-09 Iustin PopChange AllocSolution from tuple to its own type
2010-12-01 Iustin PopCleanup AllocSolution after AllocElement changes
2010-12-01 Iustin PopAllocElement: extend with the cluster score
2010-12-01 Iustin PopAdd two utility functions for the Result type
2010-12-01 Iustin PopRework the types used during data loading
2010-12-01 Iustin PopLoader functions: move from assoc lists to maps
2010-12-01 Iustin PopConvert some leftovers to NameAssoc
2010-12-01 Iustin Pophbal: implement handling of multi-group clusters
2010-12-01 Iustin PopAdd Cluster.splitCluster for node groups
2010-12-01 Iustin PopAdd the man html files to gitignore
2010-12-01 Iustin PopRework Container.hs and improve test coverage
2010-12-01 Iustin PopAdd new command-line option for group selection
2010-12-01 Iustin PopAdd two functions for checking cluster consistency
2010-12-01 Iustin PopAdd function for nodes to (nodgroup, nodes) split
2010-12-01 Iustin PopAdd a type alias for UUIDs
2010-11-28 Iustin PopAlso build HTML versions of man pages
2010-11-24 Iustin PopRAPI: read the group UUID from the server
2010-11-24 Iustin PopIAlloc: read group uuid from the input message
2010-11-24 Iustin PopText: read/save the node group UUID