2012-11-07 Iustin PopSwitch devel/upload to a static file
2012-11-06 Guido TrotterUse SSH_LOGIN_USER rather than root for xl ssh
2012-11-06 Michael HanselmannAdd utility to check if file is executable
2012-11-06 Michael HanselmannFix NameError in introduced in merge 46c1f82
2012-11-06 Iustin PopAdd test for Luxi calls consistency hs/py
2012-11-06 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'devel-2.6'
2012-11-06 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'stable-2.6' into devel-2.6
2012-11-06 Guido TrotterDisable E1101 on ganeti/http/
2012-11-06 Guido TrotterFix live migration under xl
2012-11-06 Guido TrotterDon't check for xend port when using xl
2012-11-06 Michael Improve handling of double and single slashes
2012-11-06 Michael Hanselmannworkerpool: Don't mask variable in AddManyTasks
2012-11-06 Michael Hanselmannworkerpool: Simplify _WaitForTaskUnlocked
2012-11-05 Dato Simó use None as name for tag operations on the...
2012-11-02 Bernardo Dal... Fix previous merge
2012-11-01 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.6'
2012-11-01 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'stable-2.6' into devel-2.6
2012-11-01 Michael HanselmannFix typo in gnt-instance man page
2012-11-01 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Return jobs to queue when shutting down
2012-11-01 Michael Hanselmanngnt-debug delay: Add "--submit" option
2012-11-01 Michael HanselmannRemove duplicate workerpool test
2012-11-01 Iustin PopMake hostname checks uniform between instance rename...
2012-11-01 Iustin PopImprove logging of new job submissions
2012-11-01 Iustin PopImprove handling of lock exceptions
2012-10-30 Iustin PopAdd note about developing on a production machine
2012-10-30 Iustin PopFix runtime memory increases
2012-10-30 Iustin PopFix validation of vgname in OpClusterSetParams
2012-10-30 Iustin PopFix removal of storage directory on shared file storage
2012-10-30 Iustin PopSwitch non-redundant check to disk template-based
2012-10-29 Bernardo Dal... Fix permission for socket directory
2012-10-29 Iustin PopDocument the new --yes-do-it option for master-failover
2012-10-29 Iustin PopAdd option to force master-failover without voting
2012-10-26 Iustin PopConvert Luxi results to Ganeti errors
2012-10-26 Michael Hanselmanncfgupgrade: Write file for file storage paths
2012-10-26 Michael Hanselmannbackend: Switch to new file storage directory verification
2012-10-26 Michael HanselmannCheck allowed file storage paths during cluster-verify
2012-10-26 Michael HanselmannMake Paramiko an optional dependency for listrunner
2012-10-26 Michael HanselmannRemove setup-ssh
2012-10-26 Michael Hanselmanngnt-node add: Use prepare-node-join
2012-10-26 Michael Hanselmannprepare-node-join: Use ssh.GetAllUserFiles
2012-10-26 Michael Hanselmannssh: Add function to get all of user's SSH files
2012-10-26 Michael HanselmannRunCmd: Support standard input file descriptor
2012-10-26 Michael HanselmannFactorize job selection in “gnt-job cancel”
2012-10-26 Michael Hanselmannutils.x509: Factorize code to extract X509 certificate
2012-10-26 Michael Hanselmannprepare_node_join: Move daemon SSH files to constants
2012-10-26 Michael Hanselmannprepare-node-join: Swap private and public keys
2012-10-26 Michael Hanselmannprepare-node-join: Use public key directly for auth...
2012-10-26 Michael Hanselmannssh.GetUserFiles: Parameter to disable directory check
2012-10-26 Iustin PopMove htools backends to a separate directory
2012-10-26 Iustin PopFix lint issue in Test/…/THH.hs
2012-10-26 Iustin PopFix X509CertError definition in Haskell codebase
2012-10-26 Iustin PopFix a few issues found by newer hlint
2012-10-26 Iustin PopAdd a simple unittest for THH code
2012-10-26 Iustin PopAdd support for optional fields with null serialised
2012-10-26 Iustin PopUpdate instance modify message
2012-10-25 Dato SimóErrors.hs: improve field names for ConfigVersionMismatch
2012-10-25 Iustin PopRemove unused cache implementation
2012-10-25 Dato SimóTHH.hs: delete isOptional, no longer used
2012-10-25 Michele TartaraFix two typos in Ganeti administrator's guide
2012-10-25 Michael Hanselmannbdev: Remove unused import of itertools
2012-10-25 Michael Hanselmannbdev: Add verification for file storage paths
2012-10-25 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Factorize code to modify job
2012-10-25 Michael Hanselmanncli: Use callback for --priority
2012-10-25 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Add docstring for _DetermineJobDirectories
2012-10-25 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Fix comments in _SubmitJobUnlocked
2012-10-25 Michael HanselmannDrop SSHS_FORCE constant
2012-10-25 Iustin PopAdd a default `.ghci' file
2012-10-25 Simon DezielForce tap's MAC prefix to "fe"
2012-10-25 Iustin PopConvert query path from string errors to GanetiException
2012-10-25 Iustin PopAdd exception utility functions
2012-10-25 Iustin PopAdd an Errors module mirroring the Python one
2012-10-25 Iustin PopAbstract Luxi template functionality
2012-10-25 Iustin PopAbstract a few types in THH.hs
2012-10-25 Guido TrotterAdd missing empty line
2012-10-25 Iustin PopRemove dumb-allocator code from devel/upload
2012-10-25 Iustin PopFix devel/upload restart of daemons
2012-10-24 Guido TrotterAdd small design for Linux HA integration
2012-10-24 Guido TrotterReplace @LIBDIR@ in .in files
2012-10-23 Iustin PopImprove devel/upload command line handling
2012-10-23 Iustin PopImprove logging of AssertionErrors
2012-10-23 Michael Hanselmanntools.prepare_node_join: Fix pep8 errors
2012-10-23 Michael HanselmannAdd initial implementation of prepare-node-join
2012-10-23 Michael Hanselmannssh.GetUserFiles: RSA support, unit tests
2012-10-23 Michele TartaraFix typo in walkthrough document
2012-10-22 Michael HanselmannFind coverage during configure, issue with Debian package
2012-10-22 Iustin PopRemove multiple uses of '.&&.' with conjoin
2012-10-22 Iustin PopImprove message for (==?) operator
2012-10-22 Iustin PopAdd a new 'really-all' make target
2012-10-22 Helga VelroyenAnnotated inequality operator for unit test properties
2012-10-22 Helga VelroyenFix setting of 'failN1' flag for corner case
2012-10-22 Helga VelroyenA few unittests improvements
2012-10-19 Helga VelroyenCorrected some commandlines in walkthrough
2012-10-19 Dato SimóBasicTypes.hs: fix docstring for eitherToResult
2012-10-19 Iustin PopAdd note about running individual test cases
2012-10-19 Iustin PopAdd a small QA check in instance renames for tags update
2012-10-19 Iustin PopUpdate blockdev's "info" at instance rename
2012-10-19 Iustin PopLVM: remove old tags when adding new ones
2012-10-19 Iustin PopAdd a small bdev helper function
2012-10-19 Iustin PopAdd a small note about tab completion and generated...
2012-10-19 Michael HanselmannUpdate for SSH design: Cluster name, ignore node daemon