2013-04-10 Michele TartaraAdd backports to the chroot builder sources
2013-04-09 Guido Trotterqa: Fix mistake in _DestroyInstanceDisks
2013-04-08 Guido Trotterqa: fix instance recreate disks for ST_FILE disks
2013-04-07 Guido Trotterqa: disable inter-cluster-instance-move for file
2013-04-07 Guido Trotterqa: fix RemoveInstanceOfflineNode for file-based
2013-04-07 Guido Trotterqa: skip gnt-backup for file instances
2013-04-07 Guido Trotterqa: pass some extra options to make scp work
2013-04-07 Guido Trotterqa: fix modify primary test
2013-04-07 Guido Trotterqa: fix rename instance for non-lvm backed storage
2013-04-05 Bernardo Dal... Check for python-yaml at configure time
2013-04-05 Michele TartaraAdd script for building chroot
2013-04-05 Helga VelroyenExtension of storage reporting design doc
2013-04-04 Bernardo Dal... Remove unused code
2013-04-04 Bernardo Dal... gnt-node info uses a revised format
2013-04-04 Bernardo Dal... gnt-group info uses a revised format
2013-04-04 Bernardo Dal... Refactor out function to format instance policy
2013-04-04 Bernardo Dal... Fix help string for gnt-group info
2013-04-04 Bernardo Dal... Document procedure to downgrade a cluster
2013-04-04 Bernardo Dal... Fix upgrade procedure in UPGRADE
2013-04-03 Michele TartaraFix error in the developer notes
2013-04-02 Bernardo Dal... Add dependency on PyYAML in devnotes
2013-04-02 Klaus AehligAdd QA for gnt-instance modify --new-primary
2013-04-02 Klaus AehligAdditionally support disk-type file in QA
2013-04-02 Klaus AehligAdd option --new-primary to gnt-instance modify
2013-04-02 Klaus AehligMake LUInstanceSetParams handle pnode parameter
2013-04-02 Klaus AehligAdd parameter pnode to OpInstanceSetParams
2013-04-02 Michele TartaraUpdate installation documentation
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraCorrect typos in comments
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraAdd status information to the DRBD data collector report
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraExport the data collected by DRBD in JSON format
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraAdd DCStatus data type for the data collectors
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraAdd Kind data type for data collectors
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraAdd data type for data collector category
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraExport the dcVersionInformation for the Drbd collector
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraAdd data collector version data type
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraFix comment line position in DRBD data collector
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraExport dcName information of Drbd data collector
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraChange format of the empty status message
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraImprove INSTALL documentation
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraDocument more installation dependencies
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... Unit tests for config.ConfigWriter.VerifyConfig()
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... cfgupgrade: Add support for newly refactored ipolicies
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... Refactor ispecs in ipolicy structures
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... cfgupgrade: Add --downgrade option
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... cfgupgrade: Refactor code
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... Configuration is verified on load
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... Refactor cli.CreateIPolicyFromOpts()
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... Remove duplicate filling of instance policy
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... Unit test for cli.CreateIPolicyFromOpts()
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... Amend partitioned design doc for multiple ispecs
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal... QA: Fix assertion
2013-03-26 Michele TartaraMore info on using the RAPI
2013-03-26 Bernardo Dal... gnt-instance info uses a revised format
2013-03-26 Bernardo Dal... gnt-cluster info uses a revised format
2013-03-26 Bernardo Dal... Generic function to print data for gnt-xxx info
2013-03-22 Michele TartaraFix bug in rlib2 unit tests
2013-03-22 Michele TartaraRemove use of deprecated function
2013-03-22 Helga Velroyengnt-cluster modify: limit storage type consistency...
2013-03-22 Helga VelroyenCheck if instances use disk templates that get disabled
2013-03-21 Helga VelroyenFixing some mistakes in design doc for space reporting
2013-03-21 Helga VelroyenUse 'storage type' consistently in design doc
2013-03-21 Helga VelroyenUpgrade configuration wrt enabled storage types
2013-03-21 Helga VelroyenQA: Extend cluster QA wrt enabled storage types
2013-03-21 Helga Velroyengnt-cluster init: add enabled_storage_types parameter
2013-03-21 Helga Velroyengnt-cluster modify: dis/enabling storage types
2013-03-21 Helga Velroyengnt-cluster info: show enabled storage types
2013-03-21 Helga VelroyenAdd 'enabled_storage_types' to the cluster config
2013-03-21 Helga VelroyenAdd constants for storage types to
2013-03-21 Michele TartaraFix Mond man page
2013-03-21 Michele TartaraAdd monitoring HTTP API structure
2013-03-21 Michele TartaraAdd basic HTTP server functionalities to Mond
2013-03-21 Michele TartaraUpdate documentation for monitoring daemon
2013-03-21 Bernardo Dal... Merge branch 'devel-2.7'
2013-03-21 Michele TartaraAdd the core of the monitoring daemon
2013-03-20 Bernardo Dal... cfgupgrade: Fix error messages
2013-03-20 Michele TartaraUpdate "FIXME" string in RAPI
2013-03-20 Helga VelroyenTypo 'repot' in Server.hs
2013-03-20 Helga VelroyenFix typo 'VolumeN' in
2013-03-15 Michele TartaraAdd design document for the "reason trail"
2013-03-13 Michele TartaraAdd Mond to the list of possible daemons
2013-03-13 Michele TartaraAdd infrastructure for allowing additional logfiles
2013-03-13 Michele TartaraAdd user and group for the monitoring agent
2013-03-12 Daniel Krambrockrapi client: add target_node to migrate instance
2013-03-12 Guido TrotterMake diskless instances externally mirrored
2013-03-12 Guido TrotterFix migrate/failover -n for ext mirror storage
2013-03-12 Iustin PopAdd a simple tool for checking split-query equivalence
2013-03-12 Iustin PopEnable split queries for the network
2013-03-12 Iustin PopAdd missing external_reservations query field in confd
2013-03-12 Iustin PopAdd simple Ip4Address/Ip4Network types
2013-03-12 Iustin PopChange to CamelCase format in Test/Ganeti/Objects.hs
2013-03-12 Iustin PopExpand TestHelper to allow non-underscore prefixes
2013-03-12 Iustin PopA few style fixes in Ganeti.Network
2013-03-12 Iustin PopChange node disk/hv_state query in confd
2013-03-12 Iustin PopSort instance list in gnt-group list -opinst_list
2013-03-12 Iustin PopMake gnt-node list -o(p|s)inst_list output stable
2013-03-12 Iustin PopFix gnt-backup list -o node via confd
2013-03-12 Iustin PopIntroduce better item getter helper in
2013-03-12 Iustin PopFix network query field types/names in the Haskell...
2013-03-12 Helga VelroyenUpdate design doc about free space reporting
2013-03-12 Bernardo Dal... Fix QA: skip reinstall for diskless instances