2015-07-28 BSRK AdityaChange gnt version suffix from alpha1 to beta1 v2.16.0beta1
2015-07-28 BSRK AdityaEntered the date for 2.16 beta1 release in NEWS
2015-07-27 Klaus AehligDocument changes in allocation strategy
2015-07-27 Klaus AehligIn multi-group allocation think about the whole cluster
2015-07-27 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.15' into stable-2.16
2015-07-27 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.14' into stable-2.15
2015-07-24 Klaus AehligRevert 2.12-specific downgrade action on 2.14
2015-07-24 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.13' into stable-2.14
2015-07-24 Klaus AehligFix rollover condition in xenload
2015-07-24 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.12' into stable-2.13
2015-07-24 Klaus AehligAlso provide default arguments for mond
2015-07-24 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.11' into stable-2.12
2015-07-23 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.10' into stable-2.11
2015-07-23 Thomas Vander... Fix typo in secondary
2015-07-23 Thomas Vander... When hinting to do gnt-instance info, show the instance
2015-07-23 Helga VelroyenAdd ``--no-ssh-key-check`` to manpage of renew-crypto
2015-07-23 Klaus AehligUpdate gnt-network example in admin page
2015-07-23 Klaus AehligFix rst markup in design-2.16.rst
2015-07-21 Klaus AehligSupport sphinx 1.3
2015-07-21 Lisa VeldenMake documentation for -H serial_console more explicit
2015-07-21 BSRK AdityaUpdate documentation versions for 2.16 release
2015-07-21 Helga VelroyenRedistribute master key on downgrade
2015-07-17 Helga VelroyenUse ssconf port map when handling SSH keys
2015-07-17 Helga VelroyenMake node_daemon_setup use common functions
2015-07-17 Helga VelroyenAdd docstring to certificate verification
2015-07-16 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.15' into stable-2.16
2015-07-16 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.14' into stable-2.15
2015-07-16 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.13' into stable-2.14
2015-07-16 Klaus AehligNEWS: move 2.13.0 beta/rc to their place
2015-07-16 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.12' into stable-2.13
2015-07-16 Oleg PonomarevBugfix in checkInstanceMove function in Cluster.hs
2015-07-13 Klaus AehligDocument data collector options
2015-07-13 Petr PudlakRevision bump for 2.12.5 v2.12.5
2015-07-13 Petr PudlakUpdate the NEWS file for 2.12.5
2015-07-13 Hrvoje RibicicCorrect NEWS file entry
2015-07-13 Klaus AehligDo not version generate file tools/ssl-update
2015-07-13 Hrvoje RibicicUpdate Xen documentation in install.rst
2015-07-13 Hrvoje RibicicClarify need for the migration_port Xen param
2015-07-13 Hrvoje RibicicRevision bump for 2.13.2 v2.13.2
2015-07-13 Hrvoje RibicicUpdate the NEWS file for 2.13.2
2015-07-10 Klaus AehligAdd clarifications to repair design and support restarts
2015-07-10 Lisa VeldenUse correct path for job file inspection
2015-07-10 Klaus AehligImprove speed of iterateAlloc by a trying two step...
2015-07-10 Klaus AehligRevision bump for 2.14.1 v2.14.1
2015-07-10 Klaus AehligUpdate NEWS for 2.14.1
2015-07-09 Petr PudlakMerge branch 'stable-2.15' into master
2015-07-09 Petr PudlakMerge branch 'stable-2.14' into stable-2.15
2015-07-09 Oleg PonomarevUpdate hbal man page
2015-07-09 Oleg PonomarevAdd test for the common-failure exclusion tags
2015-07-09 Oleg PonomarevImplement common-failure exclusion tags
2015-07-09 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.13' into stable-2.14
2015-07-09 Petr PudlakMove _ValidateConfig to the submodule
2015-07-09 Petr PudlakMerge branch 'stable-2.13' into stable-2.14
2015-07-08 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.12' into stable-2.13
2015-07-08 Klaus AehligProperly get rid of all watcher jobs
2015-07-08 Klaus AehligMove stdout_of to qa_utils
2015-07-08 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.11' into stable-2.12
2015-07-08 Klaus AehligTell git to ignore tools/ssl-update
2015-07-08 Lisa VeldenAdd QA test for secret parameter transmission
2015-07-08 Lisa VeldenAdd OpTestOsParams to filterSecretParameters
2015-07-08 Lisa VeldenExclude OpTestOsParams opcode from RAPI
2015-07-08 Lisa VeldenTest arbitrary gnt-debug test-osparams commands
2015-07-08 Lisa VeldenAdd new command gnt-debug test-osparams
2015-07-08 Lisa VeldenAdd QA test to test redaction of secret parameters
2015-07-07 Helga VelroyenUse 'exclude_daemons' option for master only
2015-07-07 Helga VelroyenDisable superfluous restarting of daemons
2015-07-07 Hrvoje RibicicAdd tests exercising the "crashed" state handling
2015-07-07 Hrvoje RibicicAdd proper handling of the "crashed" Xen state
2015-07-07 Petr PudlakAdd a test that WConfd uses all ssconf keys
2015-07-07 Petr PudlakMove `Arbitrary ConfigData` to the Objects test module
2015-07-07 Petr PudlakGenerate the SSKey data type from the ssconf constants
2015-07-07 Petr PudlakTHH: Add a helper for computing ssconf constructor...
2015-07-07 Petr PudlakUse the constant with valid ssconf keys in lib/
2015-07-07 Petr PudlakAdd a constant listing all possible ssconf keys
2015-07-07 Petr PudlakAdd a Monoid instance for FrozenSet
2015-07-07 Klaus AehligFix building of shell command in export
2015-07-07 Helga VelroyenMerge branch 'stable-2.12' into stable-2.13
2015-07-06 Klaus AehligDescribe --no-verify-disks option in watcher man page
2015-07-06 Klaus AehligMake disk verification optional
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenHandle SSL setup when downgrading
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenWrite SSH ports to ssconf files
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenNoded: Consider certificate chain in callback
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenCluster-keys-replacement: update documentation
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenBackend: Use timestamp as serial no for server cert
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenUPGRADE: add note about 2.12.5
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenNEWS: Mention issue 1094
2015-07-06 Helga Velroyenman: mention changes in renew-crypto
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenVerify: warn about self-signed client certs
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenBootstrap: validate SSL setup before starting noded
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenClean up configuration of curl request
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenRenew-crypto: remove superflous copying of node certs
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenRenew-crypto: propagate verbose and debug option
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenNoded: log the certificate and digest on noded startup
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenQA: reload rapi cert after renew crypto
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenPrepare-node-join: use common functions
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenRenew-crypto: remove dead code
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenInit: add master client certificate to configuration
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenRenew-crypto: rebuild digest map of all nodes
2015-07-06 Helga VelroyenNoded: make "bootstrap" a constant
2015-07-06 Helga Velroyennode-daemon-setup: generate client certificate