2011-03-10 Iustin PopFix bug related to log opening failures
2011-03-09 Iustin PopBump version for 2.4.1 release v2.4.1
2011-03-08 Michael Hanselmanncfgupgrade: Fix critical bug overwriting RAPI users...
2011-03-07 Iustin PopRelease 2.4.0 v2.4.0
2011-03-07 Iustin PopMerge branch 'devel-2.3' into devel-2.4
2011-03-07 Iustin PopSmall improvement to the ganeti man page
2011-03-07 Iustin PopMerge branch 'devel-2.2' into devel-2.3 devel-2.3 github/devel-2.3
2011-03-04 Iustin PopFix LUClusterRepairDiskSizes and rpc result usage devel-2.2 github/devel-2.2
2011-03-04 Iustin PopFix RPC mismatch in blockdev_getsize[s]
2011-03-04 Iustin PopRAPI: fix evacuate node resource
2011-03-02 Guido TrotterMerge remote branch 'stable-2.4' into devel-2.4
2011-03-02 Michael HanselmannFix typo in kvm-ifup script
2011-03-01 Michael HanselmannNEWS: Replace smartquotes, start lines with uppercase
2011-02-28 Michael HanselmannFix LU processor's GetECId
2011-02-28 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS and release 2.4.0 rc3 v2.4.0rc3
2011-02-28 Iustin PopMerge branch 'devel-2.4' into stable-2.4
2011-02-28 Iustin PopFix potential data-loss bug in disk wipe routines
2011-02-25 Stephen Shirley1-char comment typo fix
2011-02-24 Stephen ShirleyExpand some acronyms, add to glossary
2011-02-23 René Nussbaumerquery_unittest: Fix argument to set()
2011-02-22 Michael HanselmannFix title of query field containing instance name
2011-02-21 Iustin PopUpdate news and bump version for 2.4.0 rc2 v2.4.0rc2
2011-02-21 Iustin PopMerge branch 'devel-2.4' into stable-2.4
2011-02-18 Stephen ShirleyFix pylint warnings
2011-02-18 Guido TrotterTestRapiInstanceRename use instance name
2011-02-18 Iustin PopChange the list formatting to a 'special' chars
2011-02-18 Stephen ShirleyAdd support for merging node groups
2011-02-18 Stephen ShirleyAdd option to rename groups on conflict
2011-02-18 Stephen ShirleyFix minor docstring typo
2011-02-18 Guido TrotterAdd QA rapi test for instance reinstall
2011-02-18 Guido TrotterRAPI: remove required parameters for reinstall
2011-02-17 Iustin PopFix HV/OS parameter validation on non-vm nodes
2011-02-17 Iustin PopNodeQuery: mark live fields as UNAVAIL for non-vm_capab...
2011-02-17 Iustin PopNodeQuery: don't query non-vm_capable nodes
2011-02-17 Iustin PopFix LUClusterRepairDiskSizes and rpc result usage
2011-02-17 Iustin PopFix RPC mismatch in blockdev_getsize[s]
2011-02-17 Stephen ShirleyRemove superfluous redundant requirement
2011-02-17 Stephen ShirleyDon't remove master_candidate flag from merged nodes
2011-02-17 Stephen ShirleyUse a consistent ECID base
2011-02-16 Iustin Poplistrunner: convert from getopt to optparse
2011-02-16 Iustin Poplistrunner: fix agent usage
2011-02-14 Stephen ShirleyRevert "Disable the cluster-merge tool for the moment"
2011-02-14 Stephen ShirleyFix cluster-merging by not stopping noded
2011-02-10 Iustin PopFix bug in iallocator data structures build
2011-02-09 Iustin PopFix error msg for instances on offline nodes
2011-02-09 Stephen ShirleyMinor reordering to match param order
2011-02-09 Iustin Popcluster verify and instance disks on offline nodes
2011-02-09 Iustin PopCluster verify and N+1 warnings for offline nodes
2011-02-08 Stephen ShirleyHandle gnt-instance shutdown --all for empty clusters
2011-02-04 Stephen ShirleyUse gnt-node add --force-join to add foreign nodes
2011-02-04 Stephen ShirleyAdd --force-join option to gnt-node add
2011-02-04 Stephen ShirleyFix iterating over node groups
2011-02-04 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS file for the 2.4.0 rc1 release v2.4.0rc1
2011-02-04 Iustin PopDisable the cluster-merge tool for the moment
2011-02-03 Iustin PopBump up intra-cluster import connect timeout
2011-02-03 Iustin PopImport-export: fix logging of daemon output
2011-02-03 Iustin PopFix handling of ^C in the CLI scripts
2011-02-03 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.3' into devel-2.4
2011-02-03 Michael Hanselmannbackend: Disable compression in export info file
2011-02-02 Michael HanselmannReopen log files upon SIGHUP in daemons
2011-02-02 Michael Hanselmannutils.SetupLogging: Return function to reopen log file
2011-02-02 Michael Hanselmannutils.SetupLogging: Make program a mandatory argument
2011-02-02 Michael Hanselmannutils.log: Restrict I/O error handling coverage
2011-02-02 Michael Hanselmannutils.log: Split formatter building into separate function
2011-02-02 Michael Hanselmannburner: Trivial code cleanup
2011-02-02 Michael Hanselmannburnin: Reuse existing function for debug value
2011-02-01 Stephen ShirleyMerge node groups from other cluster
2011-02-01 Stephen ShirleyEnforce that new node groups have unique names
2011-02-01 Stephen ShirleyAdd _UnlockedLookupNodeGroup()
2011-01-31 Stephen Shirleycluster-merge should refuse to merge own cluster
2011-01-31 Stephen ShirleyMinor grammar fix in QuitGanetiException docstring
2011-01-31 Stephen ShirleyFix grammar of var naming
2011-01-31 Michael HanselmannIntroduce re-openable log record handler
2011-01-28 Iustin PopRe-create instance disk symlinks on activate
2011-01-28 Michael HanselmannAdd RAPI resource for instance console
2011-01-28 Michael HanselmannExport console information as query field
2011-01-28 Stephen Shirleymanpage: gnt-group remove cannot remove last group
2011-01-28 Iustin PopConfigWriter: add checks for be/nd/nic params
2011-01-28 Iustin PopConfigWriter: simplify _UnlockedVerifyConfig
2011-01-28 Guido TrotterAdd e1000 nic support for HVM
2011-01-28 Stephen ShirleyPrevent removal of last node group
2011-01-28 René NussbaumerFix instance list for instances running multiple times
2011-01-28 Michael HanselmannSmall QA fixes: groups via RAPI, cluster OOB
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.3' into devel-2.4
2011-01-27 Iustin Popcluster verify: add hvparams verification
2011-01-27 Guido TrotterRemove dumb-allocator
2011-01-27 Stephen ShirleyOpen other clusters' config in foreign mode
2011-01-27 Stephen ShirleyAdd (unused) arg to _OfflineClusterMerge
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannFix unittest breakage on Python 2.4/2.5
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannCheck for duplicate RAPI URIs and handlers
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannEnsure all resources are used by RAPI client
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: De-/activating instance disks
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Wrap /2/redistribute-config resource
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannAdd unittest for RAPI client's ModifyInstance
2011-01-27 René NussbaumerWatcher: Fix endless repair tries for broken secondary
2011-01-26 Iustin PopVerify disks: increase parallelism and other fixes
2011-01-26 Iustin Popgnt-cluster verify-disks: fix VG name
2011-01-26 Iustin PopDeactivate disks: allow skipping hypervisor checks
2011-01-26 Michael HanselmannWait for master to become available on initialization
2011-01-26 Michael HanselmannStart all daemons on cluster initialization