2011-02-02 Michael Hanselmannutils.log: Restrict I/O error handling coverage
2011-02-02 Michael Hanselmannutils.log: Split formatter building into separate function
2011-02-02 Michael Hanselmannburner: Trivial code cleanup
2011-02-02 Michael Hanselmannburnin: Reuse existing function for debug value
2011-02-01 Stephen ShirleyMerge node groups from other cluster
2011-02-01 Stephen ShirleyEnforce that new node groups have unique names
2011-02-01 Stephen ShirleyAdd _UnlockedLookupNodeGroup()
2011-01-31 Stephen Shirleycluster-merge should refuse to merge own cluster
2011-01-31 Stephen ShirleyMinor grammar fix in QuitGanetiException docstring
2011-01-31 Stephen ShirleyFix grammar of var naming
2011-01-31 Michael HanselmannIntroduce re-openable log record handler
2011-01-28 Iustin PopRe-create instance disk symlinks on activate
2011-01-28 Michael HanselmannAdd RAPI resource for instance console
2011-01-28 Michael HanselmannExport console information as query field
2011-01-28 Stephen Shirleymanpage: gnt-group remove cannot remove last group
2011-01-28 Iustin PopConfigWriter: add checks for be/nd/nic params
2011-01-28 Iustin PopConfigWriter: simplify _UnlockedVerifyConfig
2011-01-28 Guido TrotterAdd e1000 nic support for HVM
2011-01-28 Stephen ShirleyPrevent removal of last node group
2011-01-28 René NussbaumerFix instance list for instances running multiple times
2011-01-28 Michael HanselmannSmall QA fixes: groups via RAPI, cluster OOB
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.3' into devel-2.4
2011-01-27 Iustin Popcluster verify: add hvparams verification
2011-01-27 Guido TrotterRemove dumb-allocator
2011-01-27 Stephen ShirleyOpen other clusters' config in foreign mode
2011-01-27 Stephen ShirleyAdd (unused) arg to _OfflineClusterMerge
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannFix unittest breakage on Python 2.4/2.5
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannCheck for duplicate RAPI URIs and handlers
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannEnsure all resources are used by RAPI client
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: De-/activating instance disks
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Wrap /2/redistribute-config resource
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannAdd unittest for RAPI client's ModifyInstance
2011-01-27 René NussbaumerWatcher: Fix endless repair tries for broken secondary
2011-01-26 Iustin PopVerify disks: increase parallelism and other fixes
2011-01-26 Iustin Popgnt-cluster verify-disks: fix VG name
2011-01-26 Iustin PopDeactivate disks: allow skipping hypervisor checks
2011-01-26 Michael HanselmannWait for master to become available on initialization
2011-01-26 Michael HanselmannStart all daemons on cluster initialization
2011-01-26 Michael HanselmannClarify job processing order in admin guide
2011-01-26 Michael HanselmannImprove option descriptions
2011-01-26 Iustin PopRemove two unused variables
2011-01-26 Iustin PopShow hidden/blacklisted OSes in cluster info
2011-01-26 Iustin PopFurther man page updates for OS parameters
2011-01-26 Iustin PopChange the Makefile to use bash as SHELL
2011-01-26 Iustin PopAdd documentation for OS parameters
2011-01-26 Iustin PopFix LUOSDiagnose and non-vm_capable nodes
2011-01-26 René NussbaumerRephrasing two error messages for auto promotion
2011-01-26 Iustin Poplvmstrap: fix logic bug for partition reread
2011-01-26 Iustin Popstorage: Check that mapper is either used or None
2011-01-26 Michael HanselmannFix bug in “gnt-node list-storage”
2011-01-26 René NussbaumerFix payload check for out-of-band health
2011-01-26 René NussbaumerFix premature abort of LUOobCommand due to result.Raise
2011-01-25 Michael Hanselmannht: Add TMaybeDict check
2011-01-25 Iustin PopQA: replace ping with fping
2011-01-24 René NussbaumerModify LUOobCommand to support multiple nodes
2011-01-21 Iustin PopMerge branch 'devel-2.4'
2011-01-21 René NussbaumerRename QRFS_* to RS_*
2011-01-20 Iustin PopAnother fix for LUClusterVerifyDisks
2011-01-20 Iustin PopQA: also run gnt-cluster verify-disks
2011-01-20 Apollon OikonomopoulosFix disk adoption breakage
2011-01-20 Michael HanselmannFix typo in query2 design document
2011-01-20 Michael HanselmannImprove import/export timeout settings
2011-01-20 Michael HanselmannIncrease remote import/export timeout
2011-01-20 Iustin PopImprove documentation for QRFS_UNAVAIL
2011-01-20 Iustin Poplvmstrap: add PV-on-partition support
2011-01-20 Iustin Poplvmstrap: abstract a little the sysfs paths
2011-01-20 Iustin Poplvmstrap: ignore small-sized partitions
2011-01-20 Iustin Poplvmstrap: add explicit test for swap backends
2011-01-20 Iustin Poplvmstrap: add an explicit test for mounted devices
2011-01-20 Iustin Poplvmstrap: add more excluded FS types
2011-01-20 Iustin Poplvmstrap: fix very old contact information
2011-01-20 Iustin PopInstance query: replace duplicates with aliases
2011-01-20 Iustin Popquery: Add alias support in _PrepareFieldList
2011-01-20 René NussbaumerAdding a basic oob helper as an example
2011-01-19 Apollon OikonomopoulosFix disk count check in LUSetInstanceParams
2011-01-19 Balazs LeczDocument iallocator change (alloc_policy)
2011-01-18 Michael HanselmannAdd check-news to EXTRA_DIST
2011-01-18 Michael HanselmannAdd script checking release dates in NEWS
2011-01-18 Iustin Popquery: use the actual types for BE/HV parameters
2011-01-18 Iustin Popquery: return UNAVAIL for "wrong" HV parameters
2011-01-18 Iustin Popquery: change (debug-mode) field validation errors
2011-01-18 Iustin PopRename a few instance field titles
2011-01-18 Iustin Popquery: Change internal result computation
2011-01-18 Iustin PopImport QRFS_* and QFT_* in
2011-01-18 Michael HanselmannBuild epydoc's module list from Makefile
2011-01-18 Guido TrotterKVM: don't fail removing non-existing nic path
2011-01-18 Apollon OikonomopoulosKVM: Perform network configuration in Ganeti
2011-01-18 Apollon OikonomopoulosShip default kvm-ifup script
2011-01-18 Apollon OikonomopoulosKVM: Add auxiliary functions to handle tap devices
2011-01-18 Guido Trotterepydoc: specify files in tools/
2011-01-18 Iustin PopRemove hard-coded OP_ID definitions
2011-01-18 Iustin PopCheck consistency of the class names and OP_ID
2011-01-18 Iustin PopRename OpTestJobqueue and LUTestJobqueue
2011-01-18 Iustin PopRename OpAddTags and LUAddTags
2011-01-18 Iustin PopRename OpSearchTags and LUSearchTags
2011-01-18 Iustin PopRename OpGetTags and LUGetTags
2011-01-18 Iustin PopRename OpDelTags and LUDelTags
2011-01-18 Iustin PopRename OpDiagnoseOS and LUDiagnoseOS
2011-01-18 Iustin PopRename OpSetNodeParams and LUSetNodeParams
2011-01-18 Iustin PopRename OpRemoveNode and LURemoveNode