2014-03-19 Hrvoje RibicicHandle empty patches better
2014-03-19 Hrvoje RibicicMove message formatting functions to separate file
2014-03-19 Hrvoje RibicicAdd optional ordering of QA patch files
2014-03-19 Hrvoje RibicicAllow multiple QA patches
2014-03-19 Hrvoje RibicicRefactor current patching code
2014-03-07 Michele TartaraImprove RAPI detection of the watcher
2014-03-07 Petr PudlakAdd patching QA configuration files on buildbots
2014-03-07 Michele TartaraEnable a timeout for instance shutdown
2014-03-07 Michele TartaraAllow KVM commands to have a timeout
2014-03-07 Michele TartaraAllow xen commands to have a timeout
2014-03-07 Michele TartaraFix wrong docstring
2014-02-24 Klaus AehligFix expression describing optional parameters
2014-02-20 Hrvoje RibicicImprove job status assert affected by race condition
2014-02-20 Dimitris AragiorgisExport and import Disk/NIC name
2014-02-20 Dimitris AragiorgisFix backup import in case NIC is inside a network
2014-02-20 Dimitris AragiorgisOverride get() method of ConfigParser
2014-02-13 Michele TartaraFix integer overflow problem in hbal
2014-02-13 Michele TartaraAdd missing space
2014-02-05 Michele TartaraFix execution group of NodeD
2014-01-23 Michele TartaraVersion bump for 2.8.4 and NEWS update v2.8.4
2014-01-21 Hrvoje RibicicUpdate NEWS file with news about job cancellation bugfix
2014-01-21 Hrvoje RibicicFix QA flakiness
2014-01-21 Hrvoje RibicicLinting fix: remove unused import
2014-01-20 Hrvoje RibicicAdd missing parameter entry to man file
2014-01-20 Hrvoje RibicicAdd QA test for job cancellation
2014-01-20 Hrvoje RibicicAdd correct locking of master node to gnt-debug delay
2014-01-20 Hrvoje RibicicAdd job id type assert to
2014-01-20 Hrvoje RibicicAdd job id transformation/check to Luxi Python client
2014-01-20 Jose A. LopesStart-master/stop-master always fail if confd is disabled
2014-01-09 Michele TartaraImprove backwards compatibility of Issue 649 fix
2014-01-07 Michele TartaraAdd missing NEWS entries from stable-2.8
2014-01-07 Michele TartaraChange usb_devices separator to whitespace
2013-12-16 Michele TartaraAdd support for blktap2 file-driver
2013-12-16 Hrvoje RibicicUpdate opcodes test to include network tags
2013-12-16 Hrvoje RibicicMake network tags searchable
2013-12-16 Hrvoje RibicicAdd network tag tests to QA
2013-12-16 Hrvoje RibicicFix RAPI network tag handling
2013-12-16 Dimitris AragiorgisFix gnt-network list-tags
2013-12-11 Michele TartaraVersion bump for 2.8.3 v2.8.3
2013-12-11 Michele TartaraUpdate NEWS for 2.8.3 release
2013-12-11 Dimitris AragiorgisSupport reseting arbitrary params of ext disks
2013-12-11 Dimitris AragiorgisAllow modification of arbitrary params for ext
2013-12-11 Dimitris AragiorgisDo not clear disk.params in UpgradeConfig()
2013-12-09 Dimitris AragiorgisSetDiskID() before accepting an instance
2013-12-09 Petr PudlakLock group(s) when creating instances
2013-12-05 Hrvoje RibicicFix job error message after unclean master shutdown
2013-12-05 Michele TartaraAdd default file_driver if missing
2013-12-05 Jose A. LopesUpdate tests
2013-12-05 Jose A. LopesXen handle domain shutdown
2013-12-04 Jose A. LopesFix evacuation out of drained node
2013-12-04 Bernardo Dal... Refactor reading live data in htools
2013-12-03 Petr Pudlakmaster-up-setup: Ping multiple times with a shorter...
2013-12-02 Petr PudlakAdd a packet number limit to "fping" in master-ip-setup
2013-12-02 Dimitris AragiorgisFix a bug in InstanceSetParams concerning names
2013-11-28 Petr Pudlakbuild_chroot: hard-code the version of blaze-builder
2013-11-27 Jose A. LopesFix error printing
2013-11-27 Thomas ThrainerAllow link local IPv6 gateways
2013-11-27 Thomas ThrainerFix NODE/NODE_RES locking in LUInstanceCreate
2013-11-27 Klaus Aehligeta-reduce isIpV6
2013-11-26 Guido TrotterGaneti.Rpc: use brackets for ipv6 addresses
2013-11-18 Hrvoje RibicicUpdate NEWS file with socket permission fix info
2013-11-18 Hrvoje RibicicFix socket permissions after master-failover
2013-11-06 Michele TartaraVersion bump for 2.8.2 v2.8.2
2013-11-06 Michele TartaraUpdate NEWS file for 2.8.2 release
2013-11-06 Apollon OikonomopoulosDRBD: ensure peers are UpToDate for dual-primary
2013-11-04 Michele TartaraImprove error message for replace-disks
2013-10-30 Klaus AehligAdd all dependencies for confd as test dependencies
2013-10-29 Klaus AehligAdd snap-server to the test-relevenat packages
2013-10-24 Santi RaffaPlacate warnings on
2013-10-17 Michele TartaraVersion bump for 2.8.1 v2.8.1
2013-10-16 Helga VelroyenVerify that ConfD is running after master-failover
2013-10-16 Apollon Oikonomopoulosdaemon-util: handle luxid in {start,stop}_master()
2013-10-16 Santi RaffaFix typo in storage.FileStorage docstring
2013-10-16 Klaus AehligFix path for serial file
2013-10-11 Michele TartaraImprove harep documentation
2013-10-08 Jose A. LopesFix typo in walkthrough documentation
2013-10-07 Costas DrogosDon't attemp ipv6 ssh in case of ipv4 cluster
2013-10-07 Michele TartaraFix outdated documentation for users-setup
2013-09-27 Michele TartaraFix wrong release date in the NEWS file v2.8.0
2013-09-27 Michele TartaraVersion bump for 2.8.0
2013-09-27 Michele TartaraAdd daemon split design doc
2013-09-26 Michele TartaraMerge branch 'stable-2.7' into stable-2.8
2013-09-26 Michele TartaraVersion bump for 2.7.2 v2.7.2
2013-09-20 Klaus AehligAdd additional tests for utils.Retry
2013-09-20 Klaus AehligMake retry tests independent of actual time
2013-09-20 Klaus AehligFix corner-case in handling of remaining retry time
2013-09-18 Michele TartaraPerform proper cleanup on termination of Haskell daemons
2013-09-17 Michele TartaraVersion bump for 2.8 rc3 v2.8.0rc3
2013-09-16 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.7' into stable-2.8
2013-09-16 Martin Zobel... Fix incorrect manpage reference to htools
2013-09-16 Michele TartaraAdd a default to file-driver when unspecified over...
2013-09-13 Michele TartaraRemove typo from RAPI documentation
2013-09-12 Klaus AehligDescribe the files in doc/users in NEWS
2013-09-12 Klaus AehligUpdate the upgrade procedure
2013-09-11 Klaus AehligMake tools/users-setup explain its actions first
2013-09-11 Klaus AehligGenerate tools/users-setup from descriptions
2013-09-11 Klaus AehligProvide ganeti user and group data in easy-to-parse...
2013-09-09 Apollon OikonomopoulosRemove dsahostkeypub during config downgrade
2013-09-09 Apollon OikonomopoulosMark the DSA host pubkey as optional
2013-08-28 Leon HandrekeFix documentation for gnt-node evacuate -p option