2008-11-25 Guido TrotterAdd very basic online help to devel/upload
2008-11-25 Iustin PopImplement support for multi devices changes
2008-11-25 Iustin PopSlight change to the LU initialization code
2008-11-25 Iustin PopFix a bug in LUSetInstanceParams
2008-11-25 Iustin PopShow disk access mode in gnt-instance info
2008-11-25 Iustin PopChange _GenerateDiskTemplate iv_name generation
2008-11-25 Iustin PopSlighly improve multi-nic in gnt-instance info
2008-11-25 Michael HanselmannPass ssconf values from master to node
2008-11-25 Michael Hanselmannganeti.http: Don't reuse key and cert objects
2008-11-24 Michael HanselmannFix unittests broken by rev 2015
2008-11-24 Michael Hanselmannganeti.rpc: Read SSL certificate and key only once...
2008-11-24 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for
2008-11-24 Guido TrotterLUCreateInstance: Fix import mac AUTO mode
2008-11-24 Guido TrotterBurner: fix ImportExport
2008-11-24 Guido TrotterLUCreateInstance unlock all nodes mid-way
2008-11-24 Guido TrotterIAllocator: subtract down instances from free mem
2008-11-24 Guido TrotterCorrect GetAllInstancesInfo rtype
2008-11-24 Guido TrotterIAllocator: use the right hypervisor
2008-11-24 Guido TrotterIAllocator: fill i_list in a more proper way
2008-11-24 Guido TrotterParallelize instance operations on the same node
2008-11-24 Guido TrotterConvert iallocator to the new _ComputeDiskSize
2008-11-23 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for
2008-11-23 Iustin PopSlight change to the apidoc build
2008-11-23 Iustin PopOnly update ssconf on cluster serial change
2008-11-23 Iustin PopEnable auto-unit formatting in script output
2008-11-23 Iustin PopImprovements to CLI output
2008-11-21 Oleksiy MishchenkoRAPI: Cancel a job
2008-11-21 Iustin PopMake use FieldSet for matching fields
2008-11-21 Iustin PopMove FieldSet class to
2008-11-21 Iustin PopSmall burnin info message change
2008-11-21 Iustin Popburnin: fix default growth parameter
2008-11-21 Iustin PopChange disk index validation to FindDisk
2008-11-21 Iustin PopChange GrowDisk to work with multi-disk
2008-11-21 Michael HanselmannUse SSL for master/node RPC
2008-11-21 Michael HanselmannGet rid of node daemon password
2008-11-21 Michael Hanselmannganeti.http: Add another class to contain SSL key and...
2008-11-21 Michael Hanselmannganeti-masterd: Remove PID file at the end
2008-11-21 Michael HanselmannReuse HTTP client pool for RPC
2008-11-21 Michael HanselmannWrite ssconf files when updating configuration
2008-11-21 Michael HanselmannAdd RPC call to update ssconf files
2008-11-21 Iustin PopChange replace secondary to work with multi-disk
2008-11-20 Michael Hanselmannganeti.ssconf: Add function to write ssconf files
2008-11-20 Iustin PopConvert replace-disks (same nodes) to multi-disk
2008-11-20 Iustin PopInitial multi-disk/multi-nic support
2008-11-20 Iustin PopAdd more disk/nic listing options in gnt-instance
2008-11-20 Iustin PopChange Xen hypervisor to not use iv_name
2008-11-19 Michael Hanselmannganeti.rpc: Use central functions for actual RPC calls
2008-11-19 Michael HanselmannMake HttpClientManager threadsafe
2008-11-19 Oleksiy MishchenkoHTTP server: Do not decode empty entity body
2008-11-19 Oleksiy MishchenkoRAPI: Instance modify.
2008-11-18 Iustin PopSkip another testWaitingXblocksY
2008-11-18 Iustin PopAllow querying of variable number of parameters
2008-11-18 Iustin PopConvert to _FieldSet
2008-11-18 Iustin PopAdd a FieldSet class for variable parameter sets
2008-11-18 Iustin PopSkip the waitingExclusiveBlockSharer test
2008-11-17 Iustin PopMore updates to the documentation
2008-11-17 Iustin PopFix distcheck with the new dot/png rules
2008-11-16 Iustin PopAdd a cluster architecture diagram
2008-11-16 Iustin PopCombine the 2.0 design documents into one
2008-11-14 Oleksiy MishchenkoRAPI: Instance startup/shutdown resources
2008-11-14 Oleksiy MishchenkoRAPI: Implement an instance reboot
2008-11-12 Michael HanselmannUse utils.ReadFile to read SSL certificate
2008-11-12 Michael Hanselmannganeti.rpc: Use utils.ReadFile instead of reading file...
2008-11-12 Michael Hanselmannutils.SetupLogging: Remove previously setup handlers
2008-11-12 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Always use rpc.RpcRunner
2008-11-12 Michael Hanselmannbootstrap: Always use rpc.RpcRunner
2008-11-12 Michael Hanselmannganeti.rpc: Convert to ganeti.serializer
2008-11-12 Michael HanselmannConvert RPC module to new HTTP client
2008-11-12 Iustin PopConvert the locking unittests to repetition-test
2008-11-12 Iustin PopFix utils.KillProcess
2008-11-11 Michael Hanselmannganeti.http: Implement SSL for HTTP client
2008-11-11 Michael Hanselmannganeti.daemon: Add timers to Mainloop
2008-11-11 Iustin PopConvert trunk to posix-compatibility
2008-11-11 Iustin PopAbstract runtime creation of dirs into a function
2008-11-11 Iustin PopRemove zombie special case from IsProcessAlive
2008-11-11 Iustin PopAdd cleanup of processes to utils.KillProcess
2008-11-11 Iustin PopFix instance rename
2008-11-11 Iustin PopMake the makefile not recreate ganeti every time
2008-11-11 Iustin PopFix gnt-instance reinstall
2008-11-11 Iustin PopImplement working directory for utils.RunCmd
2008-11-10 Michael Hanselmannganeti.http: Move SSL socket creation into base class
2008-11-10 Michael Hanselmannganeti.daemon: Make Mainloop more flexible
2008-11-10 Michael Hanselmannganeti.http: Add constant for "Unexpected EOF"
2008-11-07 Alexander SchreiberFix gnt-cluster init without cluster parameters
2008-11-06 Michael HanselmannAdd new HTTP client class
2008-11-06 Michael Hanselmannganeti.http: Use 411 Length Required in server code
2008-11-05 Guido TrotterUpdate LUGrowDisk _WaitForSync call
2008-11-05 Michael Hanselmannganeti.http: Add more constants
2008-10-27 Iustin PopSmall documentation updates for
2008-10-27 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for
2008-10-27 Iustin PopYet another bug found while reviewing docs
2008-10-27 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for
2008-10-27 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for gnt-debug and gnt-os
2008-10-27 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for gnt-job
2008-10-27 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for gnt-backup
2008-10-27 Iustin PopChange exit code of gnt-backup list
2008-10-27 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for gnt-node
2008-10-27 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for gnt-cluster
2008-10-27 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for gnt-instance
2008-10-25 Iustin PopUpdate docstrings