2009-11-06 Iustin PopRemove obsolete statement in
2009-11-06 Jun FutagawaAdd use_localtime parameter for xen-hvm and kvm
2009-11-06 Iustin PopDocumentation updates for the global hvparams
2009-11-06 Iustin PopRemove the KVM_MIGRATION_PORT param
2009-11-06 Iustin PopIntroduce 'global hypervisor parameters' support
2009-11-06 Iustin PopFix the init script
2009-11-05 Michael Hanselmanngnt-*: Print better error message for uninitialized...
2009-11-05 Michael HanselmannCache JSON encoders and sort keys
2009-11-05 Michael HanselmannAdd new “daemon-util” script to start/stop Ganeti daemons
2009-11-05 Guido Trotterkvm console: use socat raw mode with escape
2009-11-05 Guido Trotterconfigure: check for socat and its escape feature
2009-11-05 Guido TrotterBackport AC_PATH_PROGS_FEATURE_CHECK
2009-11-04 Iustin PopMigration: add check for listening target
2009-11-04 Iustin PopTLMigrateInstance: add error messagess during Exec
2009-11-04 Iustin Pophypervisors: switch to using HV_MIGRATION_PORT
2009-11-04 Iustin PopIntroduce HV_MIGRATION_PORT hypervisor parameter
2009-11-04 Iustin Pophypervisors: change MigrateInstance API
2009-11-04 Iustin PopRevert the instance IP conflicts
2009-11-04 Iustin PopUpdate gitignore rules
2009-11-04 Iustin PopIntroduce a wrapper for hostname resolving
2009-11-04 Iustin PopAdd a configuration verify check for duplicate IPs
2009-11-03 Iustin PopWorkaround fake failures in drbd+live migration
2009-11-03 Iustin PopAnother round of pylint-related style fixes
2009-11-03 Iustin PopRevert "configure: check for socat and its escape feature"
2009-11-03 Iustin PopRevert "kvm console: use socat raw mode with escape"
2009-11-03 Iustin PopChange behaviour of ConfigWriter._WriteConfig
2009-11-03 Iustin PopAdd an example script for backing up the config
2009-11-03 Guido Trotterkvm console: use socat raw mode with escape
2009-11-03 Guido Trotterconfigure: check for socat and its escape feature
2009-11-03 Guido TrotterFix version number in README
2009-11-03 Michael Hanselmannutils: Convert to utils.Retry
2009-11-03 Iustin PopImplement cluster verify checks for wrong PV names
2009-11-03 Iustin PopChange bdev.LogicalVolume.GetPVInfo usage
2009-11-03 Iustin PopThrow specific error when ':' exists in PV names
2009-11-03 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Convert to utils.Retry
2009-11-03 Michael Hanselmannhv_xen: Convert to utils.Retry
2009-11-03 Michael Hanselmannbootstrap: Convert to utils.Retry
2009-11-03 Michael Hanselmannbdev: Convert to utils.Retry
2009-11-03 Michael Hanselmannbackend: Convert to utils.Retry
2009-11-03 Michael HanselmannAdd generic retry loop function
2009-11-03 Michael HanselmannIgnore log messages in unittests
2009-11-02 Iustin PopSome improvements to gnt-node repair-storage
2009-11-02 Iustin PopConvert the rest of the OpPrereqError users
2009-11-02 Iustin PopAdd ecode to's RpcResult.Raise()
2009-11-02 Iustin PopIntroduce two-argument style for OpPrereqError
2009-11-02 Iustin PopRemove the OpRetryError exception
2009-11-02 Michael HanselmannActivate disks while exporting an instance
2009-11-02 Michael HanselmannEpydoc fixes
2009-11-02 Michael Hanselmannbackend: Don't overwrite function parameter with loop...
2009-11-02 Michael HanselmannAdd QA test for “gnt-node {list,modify,repair}-storage”
2009-11-02 Iustin PopUnify the query fields for the storage framework
2009-10-30 Michael HanselmannMake cluster initialization more reliable
2009-10-29 Michael HanselmannDon't show warnings on ADMIN_down instance failover
2009-10-29 Michael HanselmannUpdate NEWS
2009-10-29 Michael HanselmannAdd remote API users and passwords documentation
2009-10-29 Michael Hanselmannganeti-rapi: Use new function to verify passwords
2009-10-29 Michael Hanselmannhttp.auth: Add new function to verify passwords
2009-10-28 Michael Add more checks to distcheck-hook
2009-10-28 Iustin PopDocumentation updates
2009-10-28 Iustin PopFix another style issue
2009-10-28 Iustin PopMake gnt-node list-storage more standard
2009-10-28 Iustin PopRename the node storage commands
2009-10-28 Iustin PopFix an error handling case in TLReplaceDisks
2009-10-27 Michael HanselmannProvide feedback from redistributing configuration
2009-10-27 Michael Hanselmannbash_completion: Move common code into function
2009-10-27 Michael Wrap long lines
2009-10-27 Michael HanselmannInclude NEWS in documentation again
2009-10-27 Michael Don't include MAINTAINERCLEANFILES in...
2009-10-27 Michael Use noinst_DATA instead of all-local target
2009-10-27 Michael Make HTML doc building depend on stamp...
2009-10-27 Michael Use dependencies to create symlinks only...
2009-10-27 Michael Move stamp-directories to BUILT_SOURCES
2009-10-27 Iustin PopFix gnt-debug breakage due to options move
2009-10-27 Iustin PopFix gnt-node evacuate w. iallocator
2009-10-26 Guido TrotterInstanceIpToNodePrimaryIpQuery: use a query dict
2009-10-26 Guido TrotterSimpleConfigReader: ips are partitioned by link
2009-10-26 Guido TrotterSimpleConfigReader: queries for default nicparams
2009-10-26 Guido TrotterUse RUN_IN_TEMPDIR in
2009-10-26 Guido TrotterImport errors in confd __init__
2009-10-26 Iustin PopAllow '@' in tag values
2009-10-26 Iustin PopFix gnt-node modify-volume
2009-10-26 Iustin Popgnt-node: add short option -t for --storage-type
2009-10-23 Guido Trotterinit script: allow singling out confd as well
2009-10-23 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib._AssembleInstanceDisks: Fix case where variable...
2009-10-22 Michael HanselmannMakefile: Use path from configure script for sphinx...
2009-10-22 Guido TrotterKVM netscript: add static routes, with no suffix
2009-10-22 Michael Hanselmanngnt-job manpage: Remove detailed description for lock_s...
2009-10-22 Guido TrotterKVMHypervisor: configure v6 parameters on nic
2009-10-22 Guido TrotterKVMHypervisor: implement instance policy routing
2009-10-22 Guido TrotterMan page for ganeti-confd
2009-10-22 Ken WehrAdding '--no-ssh-init' option to 'gnt-cluster init'.
2009-10-22 Flavio Silvestrowconfd: query the pnode of multiple instances at once
2009-10-22 Iustin PopTry to reduce wrong errors in InstanceShutdown
2009-10-22 Iustin PopRevert breakage introduced in e4e9b80
2009-10-22 Iustin PopXen: Ignore the retry argument in stop instance
2009-10-21 Michael HanselmannEnsure RpcResult has “payload” attribute
2009-10-20 Guido TrotterFix typo in install.rst
2009-10-20 Guido Trotterinstall.rst: mention xen config for live migration
2009-10-20 Michael HanselmannBump version to 2.1.0~beta2 v2.1.0beta2
2009-10-20 Iustin PopIntroduce checks for /sys and /proc