2010-05-20 Guido Trotterdevel/review: make the range argument optional
2010-05-18 Guido TrotterAbstract the LUXI eom into a constant
2010-05-18 Guido TrotterKVM: vhost net acceleration support
2010-05-18 Michael Hanselmannganeti-cleaner: Write log file with removed files
2010-05-18 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Handle urllib2.HTTPError and raise GanetiA...
2010-05-17 Michael HanselmannRAPI: /2/{nodes,instances}/$name should return 404...
2010-05-17 Michael Hanselmannganeti-masterd: Improve error logging for client requests
2010-05-17 Michael HanselmannReturn disk_template from LUQueryInstanceData
2010-05-17 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Rename Get{Node,Instance}Info, add new...
2010-05-17 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Log request to be made
2010-05-17 Michael HanselmannAdd missing documentation for RAPI instance creation...
2010-05-17 Iustin PopAdd checks for master IP in cluster verify
2010-05-14 Guido TrotterRemove unused import from
2010-05-14 Guido Trotterutils.IgnoreSignals
2010-05-14 Guido TrotterAsyncUDPSocket.handle_error
2010-05-14 Guido TrotterAdd a forgotten comment about overriding a method
2010-05-14 Guido Trotterganeti-noded: add the --no-mlock option
2010-05-14 Guido TrotterDescribe more ganeti-noded options in the manpage
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiFix some pylint warnings
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiFix logging string format
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiFix Filehandler / FileHandler typo
2010-05-13 Michael HanselmannQA: Test instance creation/deletion via RAPI client
2010-05-13 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Implement instance creation
2010-05-13 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add new request data format for instance creation
2010-05-13 Michael HanselmannMention RAPI client in documentation
2010-05-13 Michael Hanselmannrapi.baserlib: Add function to check variable type
2010-05-13 Michael HanselmannAdd new /2/features RAPI resource
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiUse console_logging in node daemon
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiDaemons conditionally setup console logging
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiUse LogFileHandler conditionally in SetupLogging
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiIntroduce LogFileHandler class
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiAdd /dev/console constant
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiLock PowercycleNode child in memory
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiLock node daemon children in memory
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiLock node daemon in memory
2010-05-13 Luca BigliardiIntroduce Mlockall()
2010-05-12 Luca BigliardiNode daemon availability improvements proposal
2010-05-12 Michael HanselmannFix wrong variable name in commit d975f482
2010-05-12 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add initial support for instance creation request...
2010-05-12 Guido TrotterConvert some ReadFile calls to ReadOneLineFile
2010-05-12 Guido Trotterutils.ReadOneLineFile()
2010-05-12 Guido TrotterRemove oneline= parameter from utils.ReadFile
2010-05-12 Guido Trotterinstall.rst: update os version and add KVM notes
2010-05-12 Guido TrotterINSTALL: update hypervisor requirements
2010-05-12 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Fix SSL error reporting for real
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Improve SSL error reporting
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Don't check node role in client
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Update ReplaceInstanceDisks
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Fix behaviour of “allocatable” storage...
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Encode boolean and None query values
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: No longer check storage type locally
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Add constant for RAPI version
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI QA: Use RAPI client
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannQA: Restore RAPI cert after “gnt-cluster renew-crypto”
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannQA: Add function create temporary backup file
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Don't assume job IDs to be numeric
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannAdd RAPI client utility module with RAPI PollJob function
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Include HTTP error code in GanetiApiError...
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannSupport different HTTP error codes in RAPI client unitt...
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Fix error message for unsupported methods...
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Allow waiting for job changes
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Allow waiting for job changes
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Rename “DeleteJob” to “CancelJob”
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Various code style changes
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Add missing unittest for RepairNodeStorage...
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Always pass _SendRequest args as positional
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Simplify URL construction
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Instantiate JSON encoder only once
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Always return job ID
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Hardcode version in URLs
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRemove httplib2 dependency from ganeti.rapi.client
2010-05-11 Michael Hanselmannutils.ReadFile: Add parameter to read only one line
2010-05-11 Iustin PopFix tiny typo in cluster verify
2010-05-10 Michael Hanselmanncli: Make PollJob generic to support other protocols
2010-05-10 Guido TrotterNEWS: fix empty lines
2010-05-10 Guido TrotterFix a unittest name and docstring
2010-05-10 Balazs LeczForce ssh to allocate a tty
2010-05-10 Guido TrotterFix a unittest docstring
2010-05-10 Guido TrotterIsProcessAlive: retry stat() a few times
2010-05-10 Guido TrotterRetry{Again,Timeout}: explain reraising
2010-05-10 Guido Trotterutils.Retry: pass up timeout arguments
2010-05-10 Guido TrotterAdd a few Retry unittests
2010-05-07 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'stable-2.1' into devel-2.1
2010-05-07 Guido TrotterBump version for release v2.1.2.1
2010-05-07 Guido TrotterUpdate NEWS for Ganeti
2010-05-07 Guido TrotterKVM: only export instance tags if present
2010-05-07 Guido Trotterssh.GetUserFiles: move to EnsureDirs
2010-05-07 Guido TrotterHypervisors: use utils.EnsureDirs
2010-05-07 Guido Trotterbackend: remove a couple of useless mkdir calls
2010-05-07 Guido Trotterdaemon.GenericMain: fix docstring
2010-05-07 Guido Trotterjstore: use EnsureDirs, and add more constants
2010-05-07 Iustin PopBump version for 2.1.2 release v2.1.2
2010-05-06 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS file for 2.1.2
2010-05-05 Iustin PopAdd dates to the NEWS file
2010-05-05 Michael HanselmannRAPI QA: Test instance creation/removal via RAPI
2010-05-05 Michael HanselmannRAPI QA: Support for request body
2010-05-04 David KnowlesSmall fixes for RAPI client
2010-05-03 Iustin Popcfgupgrade: allow working with relative paths
2010-05-03 Iustin PopCleanup /etc/hosts during node removal
2010-05-03 Iustin Popverify cluster: check /etc/hosts consistency