2015-05-18 Dimitris BliabliasAdd a unit test for the Gluster storage type
2015-05-18 Dimitris BliabliasAdd missing Gluster storage verification checks
2015-05-18 Dimitris BliabliasAdd Gluster type to the node storage reporting set
2015-05-18 Dimitris BliabliasIntroduce the Gluster storage type
2015-05-18 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.11' into stable-2.12
2015-05-18 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.10' into stable-2.11
2015-05-15 Hrvoje RibicicMake xend-config.sxp optional
2015-05-12 Christos TrochalakisCheck for gnt-cluster before running gnt-cluster upgrade
2015-05-12 Petr PudlakRevision bump to 2.12.4 v2.12.4
2015-05-12 Petr PudlakUpdate NEWS for 2.12.4
2015-05-12 Petr PudlakIgnore *.dyn* files generated by GHC 7.8
2015-05-12 Petr PudlakReplace HFLAGS_NOPROF with HFLAGS_DYNAMIC in the Makefile
2015-05-08 Hrvoje RibicicExpand orphan volume test
2015-05-08 Hrvoje RibicicRestrict Ganeti's orphan volume checks to the single VG
2015-05-07 Hrvoje RibicicModify UDS server startup to set permissions for sockets
2015-05-07 Lisa VeldenAdd wheezy chroot files to gitignore file
2015-05-06 Niklas Don't use -dynamic-too for .hpc_o files
2015-05-06 Niklas Don't use dots in -osuf
2015-05-06 Niklas HambuechenFix compiler invocation for GHC >= 7.8
2015-05-06 Niklas Fix wrong -dep-suffix for GHC 7.8
2015-05-06 Klaus AehligOnly upgrade configs not upgraded
2015-05-05 Klaus AehligOnly unlock config if we did lock it
2015-05-05 Hrvoje RibicicMention preferred DRBD module settings when using Xen
2015-05-05 Klaus AehligAvoid assertIn
2015-05-04 Lisa VeldenTest presence of public and private parameters
2015-05-04 Lisa VeldenPut private parameters into the environment
2015-05-04 Klaus AehligAlways close pipe on job forking
2015-05-04 Klaus AehligClean up pipes early on failed forks
2015-04-28 Petr PudlakRevision bump to 2.12.3 v2.12.3
2015-04-28 Petr PudlakUpdate NEWS for 2.12.3
2015-04-23 Klaus AehligWhen assigning UUIDs to disks, do so recursively
2015-04-23 Klaus AehligFix sample 2.11 configuration
2015-04-22 Petr PudlakInclude hypervisor parameters in SSConf
2015-04-22 Petr PudlakAdd SSConf keys for hypervisor parameters
2015-04-22 Petr PudlakUse Hypervisor as the key in ClusterHvParams
2015-04-20 Klaus AehligRe-remove final config update in renew-crypto
2015-04-20 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.11' into stable-2.12
2015-04-20 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.10' into stable-2.11
2015-04-20 Lisa VeldenFix string formatting in private object representation
2015-04-17 Petr PudlakFix the computation of the list of reserved IP addresses
2015-04-17 Klaus AehligUpdate tag limitations
2015-04-16 Helga VelroyenUpdate configure file to version 2.11.7 v2.11.7
2015-04-16 Helga VelroyenUpdate NEWS file for 2.11.7 release
2015-04-13 Helga VelroyenAdd logging to RenewCrypto
2015-04-13 Gangbiao LiuFix typos in doc/design-storagetypes.rst
2015-04-10 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.10' into stable-2.11
2015-04-10 Klaus AehligMake getFQDN prefer cluster protocol family
2015-04-10 Klaus AehligAdd version of getFQDN accepting preferences
2015-04-10 Klaus AehligMake getFQDN honor vcluster
2015-04-09 Klaus AehligIncrease number of retries for daemon RPCs
2015-04-09 Klaus AehligFix format string for gnt-network info
2015-04-09 Klaus AehligReplace textwrapper.wrap by a custom version for networks
2015-04-08 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.11' into stable-2.12
2015-04-08 Helga VelroyenAdd SSL improvements to NEWS file
2015-04-08 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.10' into stable-2.11
2015-04-08 Lisa VeldenFix typos
2015-04-08 Gangbiao Liufix typos in design-file-based-storage.rst doc
2015-04-07 Klaus AehligSwitch to our osminor
2015-04-07 Klaus AehligProvide an alternative for os.minor working around...
2015-04-07 Lisa VeldenFix typo
2015-04-02 Klaus AehligCanTieredAlloc test: make instances big enough
2015-04-02 Klaus AehligAfter master-failover verify reachability of master IP
2015-04-02 Klaus AehligReport failure to deactivate old master IP in exit...
2015-04-02 Klaus AehligExpose warnings during master-failover
2015-04-01 Lisa VeldenFix manpage for gnt-cluster copyfile
2015-03-31 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.11' into stable-2.12
2015-03-31 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.10' into stable-2.11
2015-03-31 Klaus AehligAdd default values for hv_state_static and disk_state_s...
2015-03-31 Klaus AehligAdd a value for the empty Container
2015-03-31 Klaus AehligVerify if we're master before demoting
2015-03-27 Lisa VeldenFixed typos
2015-03-26 Klaus AehligAlso consider connection time out a network error
2015-03-26 Hrvoje RibicicPass correct params in move-instance
2015-03-26 Klaus AehligIn CanTieredAlloc test set IPolicy
2015-03-26 Klaus AehligMake genInstanceMaybeBiggerThanNode honor policy lower...
2015-03-26 Klaus AehligAlso export a null ISpec
2015-03-26 Klaus AehligSupport instance generation within ranges
2015-03-26 Klaus AehligAdd a function to leave the list monad
2015-03-25 Petr PudlakRevision bump to 2.12.2 v2.12.2
2015-03-25 Petr PudlakUpdate NEWS for 2.12.2
2015-03-24 Aditya BhimanavajjulaUpgrade codebase to support monad-control >=
2015-03-24 Petr PudlakAdd macros for the version of monad-control
2015-03-24 Petr PudlakRename hs-lens-versions Makefile target to hs-pkg-versions
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligVerify master status before retrying a socket
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.11' into stable-2.12
2015-03-24 Helga VelroyenImprove error handling when looking up instances
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligMake LUClusterDestroy tell WConfD
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligAdd an RPC to prepare cluster destruction
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligSupport no-master state in ssconf
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligWConfD: do not clean up own livelock
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligMake WConfD have a livelock file as well
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligAdd a prefix for a WConfD livelock
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligDetect if the own job file disappears
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligKeep track of the number LUs executing
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligMake job processes keep track of their job id
2015-03-24 Klaus AehligMake LuxiD clean up its lock file
2015-03-20 Helga VelroyenCapture last exception
2015-03-19 Petr PudlakQA: Fix CheckFileUnmodified to work with vcluster
2015-03-19 Petr PudlakQA: Fix white-spaces in CheckFileUnmodified
2015-03-19 Petr PudlakQA: Check that the cluster verify doesn't change the...