2009-08-03 Michael HanselmannAdd review script
2009-08-03 Michael HanselmannImplement “gnt-node physical-volumes” command
2009-08-03 Michael HanselmannAdd new opcode to list physical volumes
2009-08-03 Michael Hanselmannstorage: Use instead of local constants
2009-08-03 Michael Hanselmannstorage: Fix semantics for directory size
2009-08-03 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'next' into branch-2.1
2009-08-03 Michael HanselmannAdd “gnt-job watch” command
2009-08-03 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Fix error when WaitForJobChange gets invalid ID
2009-08-03 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Update message for cancelling running job
2009-08-03 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Change tasklet logging to debug level
2009-07-31 Michael Hanselmannrapi: Add /2/nodes/[node_name]/migrate resource
2009-07-31 Michael Hanselmanngnt-node: Use new opcode to migrate node
2009-07-31 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Add new opcode to migrate node
2009-07-30 Michael Hanselmannrapi: Add default parameter to _checkIntVariable
2009-07-30 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Add logging for tasklets
2009-07-30 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Fix tasklets handling if no tasklets are added
2009-07-30 Michael Hanselmannrapi: Add /2/[node_name]/evacuate resource
2009-07-30 Michael HanselmannAdd information about storage units framework
2009-07-29 Michael HanselmannAdd RPC calls for storage unit list
2009-07-29 Michael HanselmannAdd first implementation of generic storage unit framework
2009-07-29 Michael Hanselmannutils: Add functions to calc directory size and free...
2009-07-27 Michael HanselmannBuild HTML from Ganeti 2.1 design
2009-07-26 Guido TrotterCollapse SSL key checking/overriding for daemons
2009-07-25 Guido TrotterCollapse daemon's main function
2009-07-24 Guido TrotterRemove <DAEMON>_PID constants
2009-07-24 Guido TrotterSlightly abstract the daemon logfile lookup
2009-07-24 Guido TrotterMove rapi to GetDaemonPort
2009-07-24 Guido TrotterChange GetNodeDaemonPort to GetDaemonPort in utils
2009-07-24 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'next' into branch-2.1
2009-07-24 Stephen Shirleylvmstrap: Change diskinfo to use GenerateTable
2009-07-24 Guido TrotterGet rid of constants.RAPI_ENABLE
2009-07-23 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Add __init__ to Tasklet class
2009-07-23 Guido TrotterRemove references to utils.debug
2009-07-23 Guido Trotterganeti-rapi, replace hardcoded exit value
2009-07-23 Guido TrotterAdd the bind-address option to ganeti-rapi
2009-07-22 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Move LUMigrateInstance functionality to tasklet
2009-07-22 Michael Hanselmanngnt-node: Use new opcode to evacuate nodes
2009-07-22 Michael HanselmannAdd new opcode to evacuate nodes
2009-07-22 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Convert _DiskReplacer to tasklet
2009-07-22 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Function to get all secondary instances on...
2009-07-22 Guido Trotternoded: Abstract hard-coded sys.exit value
2009-07-22 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Add tasklet support to logical unit base class
2009-07-22 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Add tasklet base class
2009-07-22 Guido TrotterAdd an example "ethers" hook
2009-07-21 Guido Trotterganeti-confd design doc
2009-07-21 Iustin Popburnin: move batch init/commit into a decorator
2009-07-21 Iustin Popburnin: move instance alive checks to a decorator
2009-07-21 Iustin Popburnin: Implement retryable operations
2009-07-20 Guido TrotterGenerate a shared HMAC key at cluster init time
2009-07-20 Michael HanselmannFix unittests broken by commit 2bb5c9115f
2009-07-20 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Move code doing disk replacements into separate...
2009-07-20 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Pass config and rpc objects directly to IAllocator
2009-07-20 Michael HanselmannIgnore vim swap files
2009-07-20 Iustin PopFix backend import errors from GetHypervisorClass
2009-07-19 Iustin Popburnin: fix removal errors hiding real errors
2009-07-19 Iustin PopMerge branch 'next' into branch-2.1
2009-07-19 Iustin Popbackend: Only build once the list of upload files
2009-07-19 Iustin PopMerge commit 'origin/next' into branch-2.1
2009-07-19 Iustin PopFix gnt-instance reinstall
2009-07-19 Iustin PopFix a couple of epydoc warnings
2009-07-19 Iustin Popjob queue: fix loss of finalized opcode result
2009-07-19 Iustin PopSwitch gnt-debug submit-job to JobExecutor
2009-07-19 Iustin PopConvert instance reinstall to multi instance model
2009-07-19 Iustin Popgnt-instance batch-create: use the job executor
2009-07-19 Iustin PopModify cli.JobExecutor to use SubmitManyJobs
2009-07-19 Iustin PopAdd a luxi call for multi-job submit
2009-07-19 Iustin Popjob queue: fix interrupted job processing
2009-07-19 Iustin PopFix an error path in job queue worker's RunTask
2009-07-17 Iustin PopAdd __slots__ on objects in jqueue
2009-07-17 Michael HanselmannMerge commit 'origin/next' into branch-2.1
2009-07-17 Michael Hanselmannganeti.initd: Pass $*_ARGS to programs when restarting...
2009-07-17 Iustin PopMerge branch 'next' into branch-2.1
2009-07-17 Iustin PopOptimizie OpCode loading
2009-07-17 Iustin PopYet another fallout from the pylint fixes
2009-07-17 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'next' into branch-2.1
2009-07-17 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'master' into next
2009-07-17 Iustin PopFix another issue with hypervisor_name change
2009-07-17 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS and version for 2.0.2 release v2.0.2
2009-07-16 Raiford StoreyImprove the description of node flags in man page
2009-07-16 Guido TrotterAdd enabled hypervisors to TestConfigRunner
2009-07-16 Guido TrotterAdd a few more checks to verify config
2009-07-16 Guido TrotterMake sure enabled_hypervisors list is valid
2009-07-16 Guido TrotterGet rid of the default_hypervisor slot
2009-07-16 Guido Trotterdesign-2.1: Update OS Flavours section
2009-07-16 Iustin PopChange default stripe count to 1
2009-07-16 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Use dict.fromkeys instead of custom loop
2009-07-16 Guido TrotterSimplify InitConfig and remove SimpleConfigWriter
2009-07-16 Guido TrotterInitCluster, don't use SimpleConfigWriter
2009-07-16 Guido TrotterFix python 2.4 compatibility
2009-07-16 Iustin PopUse full-stripe size in LVM growth
2009-07-14 Guido TrotterRemove ConfigWriter.InitConfig
2009-07-14 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'next' into branch-2.1
2009-07-14 Guido TrotterRemove SimpleConfigWriter.SetMasterNode
2009-07-14 Guido Trotter_GenerateDiskTemplate: use base_index in the name
2009-07-14 Guido Trotterganeti-masterd: avoid SimpleConfigReader
2009-07-14 Guido TrotterHMAC authenticated json messages
2009-07-13 Michael Hanselmannrapi: Implement /2/nodes/[node_name]/role resource
2009-07-13 Michael Hanselmannrapi: Add generic “force” parameter
2009-07-13 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Fix typo in LUQueryClusterInfo
2009-07-13 Iustin PopRAPI: implement instance reinstall