2011-01-10 Michael Hanselmannutils: Move logging-related code into separate file
2011-01-10 Michael Hanselmannutils: Move Mlockall into separate file
2011-01-10 Michael Hanselmannutils: Move text-related functions into separate file
2011-01-10 Michael Hanselmannutils: Split Retry & co. into separate file
2011-01-10 Michael Hanselmannutils: Split algorithms into separate file
2011-01-10 Michael Hanselmannutils: Move to separate module
2011-01-10 Adeodato SimoAdd unit test for ganeti.rapi.client's ModifyGroup
2011-01-10 Iustin Popmcpu: Automatically build the DISPATCH_TABLE
2011-01-10 Iustin PopGeneralize the OpCode-should-be-in-mcpu test
2011-01-10 Iustin PopDocument the intended use of (vm|master)_capable
2011-01-10 Iustin PopIAllocator: fix breakage for non-vm_capable nodes
2011-01-07 Michael HanselmannFix syntax error with Python 2.4
2011-01-07 Michael HanselmannUse new console information in hypervisor abstraction
2011-01-07 Michael HanselmannIntroduce verbose opcode result for console
2011-01-07 Michael Hanselmannluxi.Client: Add function to close connection
2011-01-07 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.3'
2011-01-07 Michael HanselmannRemove unused import from client.gnt_instance
2011-01-07 David KnowlesUpdating hooks documentation with missing environment...
2011-01-06 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance console: Improve error reporting
2011-01-06 Michael HanselmannIncrease timeout for connection on remote import
2011-01-06 Michael Hanselmannimport-export: Improve timeout error reporting
2011-01-06 René NussbaumerList recorded powered state in gnt-node info
2011-01-06 René NussbaumerSupport query of node field 'powered'
2011-01-06 Adeodato reimplement query tests with qa_utils
2011-01-06 Adeodato add tests for group queries
2011-01-06 Adeodato SimoConvert “gnt-group list” to query2
2011-01-06 Adeodato convert LUQueryGroups to query2
2011-01-06 Adeodato move _GetQueryImplementation to end of file
2011-01-06 Adeodato add definitions for node group queries
2011-01-06 Adeodato define QR_GROUP resource
2011-01-06 Adeodato test lock fields too
2011-01-06 Iustin Poplvmstrap: also test sysfs holders
2011-01-06 Iustin Poplvmstrap: add support for non-partitioned md disks
2011-01-06 Iustin PopRPC: mark jobqueue functions as URGENT
2011-01-06 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.3'
2011-01-06 Michael Hanselmanncfgupgrade: Remove unused “program” variable
2011-01-06 René NussbaumerQA: Remove 'oob_program=default' on gnt-cluster modify
2011-01-06 Michael HanselmannConvert “gnt-debug locks” to query2
2011-01-06 Michael Hanselmanncfgupgrade: Check master name, clarify question
2011-01-06 Michael HanselmannMakefile: Merge build-time reST copying
2011-01-06 Michael HanselmannMove doc/upgrade.rst to UPGRADE, copy at build-time
2011-01-05 Michael HanselmannImport upgrade notes into documentation
2011-01-05 Michael HanselmannFix OpSetInstanceParams.disk_template check
2011-01-05 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add resource to grow instance disk
2011-01-05 Adeodato SimoReword "one of hmgt" as "one of h/m/g/t" for clarity
2011-01-05 René NussbaumerQA: Adding new cluster verify cases
2011-01-05 René Nussbaumerout of band verification in gnt-cluster verify
2011-01-05 René NussbaumerAdding additional VerifyNode checks to backend
2011-01-05 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add resource to modify cluster
2011-01-05 Michael Hanselmannbaserlib: Add function for filling opcodes
2011-01-05 Michael HanselmannImprove opcode summary tests
2011-01-05 Michael HanselmannMigrate code verifying opcode parameters to base class
2011-01-05 Michael HanselmannImprove tests for OP_ID
2011-01-05 Michael Hanselmanncmdlib: Remove opcode parameters
2011-01-05 Michael Hanselmannopcodes: Add opcode parameter definitions
2011-01-05 Michael Hanselmannquery2: Add new field status “offline”
2011-01-04 Michael HanselmannQA: Fix out-of-band tests
2011-01-04 Michael HanselmannAdd unittests for ht module
2011-01-04 Michael Hanselmannht.TInt: Exclude boolean values
2011-01-04 Michael HanselmannCleanup bootstrap.SetupNodeDaemon
2010-12-31 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.3'
2010-12-31 Michael HanselmannFix build errors with ganeti-listrunner
2010-12-31 Michael HanselmannFix typo in gnt-instance manpage
2010-12-30 Michael Hanselmanncli: Change “<…>” in query output to “(…)”
2010-12-30 Michael HanselmannInitial import of listrunner
2010-12-29 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Fix cancelling while in waitlock in queue
2010-12-24 Iustin PopLUInstanceRename: log result of name resolving
2010-12-21 Michael HanselmannFix QA for “list-fields” commands
2010-12-21 Michael HanselmannRemove utils.FormatTimestampWithTZ
2010-12-21 Michael HanselmannEnsure temp files from RunCmd tests are removed
2010-12-21 Iustin PopAllow customisation of the disk index separator
2010-12-21 Michael Hanselmannutils: Timezone fixes and tests
2010-12-21 Michael Hanselmannquery: Add wrapper for creating response object
2010-12-21 Michael HanselmannMove QueryFields to query module
2010-12-20 Michael Hanselmanncli: Extend message for LUXI timeouts
2010-12-20 Michael HanselmannFix timeout handling in LUXI client
2010-12-20 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.3'
2010-12-20 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'stable-2.3' into devel-2.3
2010-12-20 Michael HanselmannAdd QA scripts to checked Python code
2010-12-20 Michael Hanselmannganeti-qa: Wrap lines longer than 80 chars
2010-12-20 Michael HanselmannPrepare 2.3.1 release stable-2.3 github/stable-2.3 v2.3.1
2010-12-17 René NussbaumerAdapt QA for change in behaviour
2010-12-17 René Nussbaumergnt-node modify: Adding --node-powered=yes|no
2010-12-17 René NussbaumerLUSetNodeParams: Add support for powered state
2010-12-17 René NussbaumerLUSetNodeParams/LUOobCommand respect offline/powered
2010-12-17 René Nussbaumergnt-node power: Mark also offline when powering off
2010-12-17 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.3'
2010-12-17 Michael Hanselmannutils.NiceSort: Use sorted(), add keyfunc, unittests
2010-12-17 Michael HanselmannQA: Run cluster-verify as part of all instance tests
2010-12-17 Michael HanselmannQA: Fix typo and add “not”
2010-12-17 Iustin PopShutdownInstanceDisks: accept offline secondaries
2010-12-17 Iustin PopRpcResult: simplify some asserts
2010-12-16 Michael Hanselmannensure-dirs: Speed up when using big queues
2010-12-16 René NussbaumerLUAddNode: default ndparams to empty dict when not...
2010-12-16 René NussbaumerQA: Add some basic OOB tests
2010-12-16 René NussbaumerQA: Allow upload of string data
2010-12-15 Adeodato SimoFix gnt-cluster verify with diskless instances
2010-12-15 Miguel Di Ciurcio... Fix N+1 error message
2010-12-15 René NussbaumerRename (Op|LU)OutOfBand to (Op|LU)OobCommand
2010-12-15 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.3'