2011-07-25 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.4'
2011-07-25 Michael HanselmannReopen daemon's stdio on SIGHUP
2011-07-25 Michael HanselmannReopen log file only once after SIGHUP
2011-07-25 Michael HanselmannDon't leak file descriptors when setting up daemon...
2011-07-22 Iustin Pophtools: rework the algorithm for ChangeAll mode
2011-07-22 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance info: Return static info if node offline
2011-07-22 Michael HanselmannIgnore offline primary when failing over
2011-07-22 Iustin Pophtools: replace two hardcoded uses of pri+sec nodes
2011-07-22 Iustin Pophtools: add target_node member to migrate opcode
2011-07-22 Iustin Pophtools: do not change node disk for non-local storage
2011-07-22 Iustin Pophtools: add more functions for local disk storage
2011-07-22 Agata MurawskaInitial design doc for OVF support
2011-07-22 Michael HanselmannFix aliases in bash completion
2011-07-22 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance console: Use query instead of opcode
2011-07-22 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.4'
2011-07-22 Michael HanselmannAdd opcode attribute for comments
2011-07-22 Michael Hanselmanngnt-node volumes: Fix instance names
2011-07-21 Andrea SpadacciniFixed one option name and a typo in the docs
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannFix instance failover (missing argument)
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannImplement instance failover via RAPI
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannExport job dependencies through lock monitor
2011-07-21 Michael Hanselmannlocking.GLM: Allow adding locks to monitor
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannMake lock monitor more versatile
2011-07-21 Iustin PopUpdate documentation regarding Haskell dependencies
2011-07-21 Iustin Pophtools: add two more small unittests
2011-07-21 Iustin Pophtools: update hail man page with the new modes
2011-07-21 Iustin Pophtools: a few more hlint fixes
2011-07-21 Iustin Pophtools: further docstring fixes
2011-07-21 Iustin Pophtools: add JSON instance for EvacMode
2011-07-21 Iustin Pophtools: add human-readable output to hspace
2011-07-21 Iustin PopFix job constants use in htools
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannAdd error state to LUGroupEvacuate's exceptions
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannRename *_STATUS_WAITLOCK to …_WAITING
2011-07-21 Michael Hanselmanngnt-group: Add command to evacuate whole group
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannAdd new opcode for evacuating group
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannFix locking issue with job dependencies
2011-07-21 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Read-only jobs don't need processor lock
2011-07-21 Sébastien BocahuAdd support for KVM keymaps
2011-07-21 Michael Hanselmanngnt-debug: Add tests for job dependencies
2011-07-21 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Implement submitting multiple jobs with depende...
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannFix node evacuation
2011-07-20 Guido TrotterDo proper name lookup for the -O option
2011-07-20 Michael Hanselmannjqueue: Add “writable” flag to memory objects
2011-07-20 Michael HanselmannImplement chained jobs
2011-07-20 Michael HanselmannAdd implementation details to design for chained jobs
2011-07-20 Pedro MacedoAdd support for GPT by using parted for disks bigger...
2011-07-20 Michael HanselmannRemove constants for iallocator multi-relocate
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: add a machine-readable CLI flag
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: move the '-p' option to htools.rst
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: move tiered spec map helper to Hspace.hs
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: import the program modules in QC.hs
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: switch hspace to the generic binary
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: switch hscan to the generic binary
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: switch hbal to the generic binary
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: switch hail to the generic binary
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: add a generic binary
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: add a compatibility module
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: remove no-longer-needed tryMG* functionality
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: remove ialloc/relocate and multi-evacuate
2011-07-19 Iustin Pophtools: fix potential bug in ialloc/change-group
2011-07-18 Iustin Pophtools: run IAllocator input through checkData
2011-07-18 Iustin Pophtools: abstract a function for displaying warnings
2011-07-18 Iustin Pophtools: use maybePrintNodes in hail.hs
2011-07-18 Iustin Pophtools: add cluster state saving support to hail
2011-07-18 Iustin Pophtools: return the final instance map in ialloc
2011-07-18 Iustin Pophtools: implement post-alloc cluster status display
2011-07-15 Michael HanselmannUpdate node group iallocator design to use job dependencies
2011-07-15 Michael HanselmannFix assertion error on unclean master shutdown
2011-07-15 Michael HanselmannMake SharedLock._is_owned public
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: return new state from new IAllocator modes
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: update the node-evac/change-group result
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: add function for getting all nodes of an instance
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: add change-group IAllocator mode
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: add group restrictions to findBestAllocGroup
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: generalise and rename availableLocalNodes
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: add ChangeGroup to IAllocator types/loader
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: split tryMGAlloc in two
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: add node-evacuation of DRBD all nodes
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: small optimisation in Cluster.collapseFailures
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: add optional limit to allocation count
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: add node-evacuation of DRBD secondaries
2011-07-15 Iustin Pophtools: rework compCV so that we can use [Node] too
2011-07-15 Stephen ShirleyAdding a wrapper around connecting to kvm console
2011-07-15 Stephen ShirleyAdding a wrapper around "xm console"
2011-07-14 Michael HanselmannAdd opcode attribute for chained jobs
2011-07-14 Michael HanselmannDesign for chained jobs
2011-07-14 Iustin Pophtools: fix a doc bug in the hbal man page
2011-07-14 Iustin PopMark htools/README as obsolete
2011-07-14 Iustin PopFix htool unittest failure due to invalid prereqs
2011-07-14 Iustin Pophtools: add node-evacuate of DRBD8 primaries
2011-07-14 Iustin Pophtools: add more IAlloc data types and functions
2011-07-14 Iustin Pophtools: add two monad-conversion utility functions
2011-07-14 Iustin Pophtools: add a function for computing evacuated nodes
2011-07-14 Iustin Pophtools: rename an internal constant
2011-07-14 Iustin Pophtools: abstract and simplify a multigroup function
2011-07-14 Iustin Pophspace: also display the starting tiered specs
2011-07-14 Iustin Pophspace: add support for units in the options
2011-07-14 Iustin Pophtools: add parseUnit function
2011-07-13 Guido Trotterhtools: simplify select tests
2011-07-13 Stephen ShirleySet startup_paused to False when restarting