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2013-10-16 Klaus AehligFix path for serial file
2013-09-18 Michele TartaraPerform proper cleanup on termination of Haskell daemons
2013-09-09 Apollon OikonomopoulosMark the DSA host pubkey as optional
2013-08-21 Michele TartaraMake the DRBD collector more failure-resilient
2013-08-21 Michele TartaraAdd function to unwrap Results logging failures
2013-08-13 Thomas ThrainerUse FQDN to check master node status
2013-08-07 Thomas ThrainerSupport DSA SSH keys in bootstrap
2013-08-06 Thomas ThrainerInclude VCS version in `gnt-cluster version`
2013-07-30 Michele TartaraAdd cleanup parameter to instance failover
2013-07-22 Thomas ThrainerFix permission errors for split users
2013-07-18 Michele TartaraFix permission problem related to Issue 477
2013-07-18 Michele TartaraAdd hs function to easily change file ownership
2013-07-17 Thomas ThrainerRename queryd to luxid
2013-07-17 Thomas ThrainerAdd queryd daemon (split from confd)
2013-07-17 Thomas ThrainerExtract ConfigReader from Confd/Server.hs
2013-07-16 Christos StavrakakisAdd timestamps to haskell network query fields
2013-07-15 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.7' into stable-2.8
2013-07-15 Michele TartaraAllow modify_etc_hosts to be changed
2013-07-12 Klaus AehligAdd luxiReqQueryNetworks to LuxiOp
2013-07-12 Klaus AehligLog received message at debug level
2013-07-11 Michele TartaraLog RPC errors from inside executeRpcCall
2013-07-11 Michele TartaraFactor out the logRpcErrors function
2013-07-10 Christos StavrakakisAdd support for querying network timestamps
2013-07-09 Michele TartaraPrevent silent failure in case of connection problems
2013-07-03 Klaus AehligClean up work around for host name filtering
2013-07-03 Klaus AehligDo not handle host queries special
2013-06-26 Klaus AehligSupport big-step shrinking in tiered allocation
2013-06-25 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'stable-2.7' into stable-2.8
2013-06-24 Klaus AehligFor node queries allow short forms of host names
2013-06-24 Klaus AehligProvide a special filter for host names
2013-06-20 Klaus AehligIn tiered allocation, cut non-promising shrinking tries
2013-06-17 Klaus AehligImprove hspace shrinking strategy
2013-06-17 Klaus AehligConvenience function for iterating while the result...
2013-06-17 Klaus AehligProvide witness for the sum-type structure of GenericResult
2013-06-14 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.7' into stable-2.8
2013-06-14 Klaus AehligMake shrinkByType aware of individual disks
2013-06-12 Klaus AehligAdd missing parenthesis to description of --machine...
2013-06-04 Klaus AehligAdd a force option to the ClusterSetParams Opcode
2013-05-29 Thomas ThrainerAdd tests for network-aware allocation
2013-05-29 Thomas ThrainerHonor network connections in hail
2013-05-29 Thomas ThrainerParse NIC data from allocation request in hail
2013-05-29 Thomas ThrainerSupport group networks in Text backend
2013-05-29 Thomas ThrainerParse node group networks
2013-05-28 Thomas ThrainerAdd disks_active to configuration
2013-05-03 Michele TartaraMerge stable-2.7 into stable-2.8
2013-04-30 Michele TartaraAdd reason trail to haskell opcode format
2013-04-30 Michele TartaraAdd the reason trail type definition in Haskell
2013-04-30 Michele TartaraRemove outdated TODO comment
2013-04-30 Michele TartaraAdd proper error management to monitoring daemon
2013-04-30 Michele TartaraProduce a report for all the data collectors
2013-04-30 Michele TartaraGenerate report for a single collector
2013-04-30 Michele TartaraExport the full report from DRBD data collector
2013-04-30 Michele TartaraUpdate JSON serialization for "category"
2013-04-30 Michele TartaraImplement the "list collectors" API in monitoring
2013-04-30 Iustin PopFix bug in group queries related to node/instance fields
2013-04-29 Bernardo Dal Senohspace: Handle multiple ipolicy specs
2013-04-29 Bernardo Dal SenoAdd multiple min/max specs in instance policy
2013-04-29 Klaus AehligLog at info level the success of a luxi query
2013-04-29 Klaus AehligFix typo in documentation string
2013-04-24 Bernardo Dal SenoLimit specs in instance policies are always complete
2013-04-22 Klaus AehligExtend the simulation backend to also simulate a master...
2013-04-22 Klaus AehligExtend Text format by marking the master node
2013-04-22 Michele TartaraRemove old "reason" implementation
2013-04-19 Klaus AehligMake hroller insist on finding precisely one master...
2013-04-19 Klaus AehligIn Rapi, set master correctly
2013-04-19 Klaus AehligIn Luxi, set the master correctly
2013-04-19 Klaus AehligUtility function to set the master node in a node list
2013-04-19 Klaus AehligMake Hroller present master node last
2013-04-19 Klaus AehligExtend the node description by isMaster
2013-04-17 Thomas ThrainerFix warnings hlint 1.8.43 complained about
2013-04-17 Christos StavrakakisAdd name to INicParams and IDiskParams
2013-04-17 Christos StavrakakisAdd nic/disk name and UUID fields in Haskell code
2013-04-12 Klaus AehligFix typo in documentation string
2013-04-11 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'devel-2.7'
2013-04-11 Helga VelroyenRemoves the 'sharedfile' storage type
2013-04-11 Helga VelroyenRemoves obsolete 'enabled storage types'
2013-04-11 Helga Velroyengnt-cluster modify: modify enabled disk templates
2013-04-11 Helga Velroyengnt-cluster info: report enabled disk templates
2013-04-11 Helga VelroyenAdd enabled disk templates to cluster cfg
2013-04-11 Klaus AehligMake the disks parameter available to the constructor
2013-04-11 Klaus AehligVerify individual disks in Instance
2013-04-11 Michele TartaraCompatibility fix for GHC 7
2013-04-08 Michele TartaraBackwards compatibility fix for Lucid
2013-04-08 Michele TartaraProperly export errors while reading job list
2013-04-08 Michele TartaraFix typo and improve comment
2013-04-02 Klaus AehligAdd parameter pnode to OpInstanceSetParams
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraCorrect typos in comments
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraAdd status information to the DRBD data collector report
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraExport the data collected by DRBD in JSON format
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraAdd DCStatus data type for the data collectors
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraAdd Kind data type for data collectors
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraAdd data type for data collector category
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraExport the dcVersionInformation for the Drbd collector
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraAdd data collector version data type
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraFix comment line position in DRBD data collector
2013-03-28 Michele TartaraExport dcName information of Drbd data collector
2013-03-27 Bernardo Dal SenoRefactor ispecs in ipolicy structures
2013-03-21 Helga Velroyengnt-cluster modify: dis/enabling storage types
2013-03-21 Helga Velroyengnt-cluster info: show enabled storage types
2013-03-21 Helga VelroyenAdd 'enabled_storage_types' to the cluster config