Merge branch 'stable-2.16' into stable-2.17
[ganeti-github.git] / lib /
2016-12-05 Brian FoleyCleanup: Remove some unnecessary if (...) parens
2014-09-12 Klaus AehligUpdate the license statement
2013-07-31 Thomas ThrainerFix formatting of tuple in error message
2012-12-12 Michael Hanselmannuidpool: Remove roman number support
2012-09-18 Michael HanselmannMigrate lib/ from constants to pathutils
2012-08-02 Iustin PopFix uses of OpPrereqError without code info
2010-06-01 Guido TrotterFormatUidPool: provide optional roman conversion
2010-04-22 Balazs LeczUse ints instead of strings to represent user-ids
2010-04-20 Guido TrotterReleaseUid: accept an integer as uid
2010-04-20 Guido TrotterLockedUid: add GetUid() method
2010-04-19 Balazs LeczFix a couple of pydoc syntax problems
2010-04-16 Balazs LeczAdd ExecuteWithUnusedUid() to
2010-04-16 Balazs LeczManage the assignment of uids from the uid pool
2010-04-16 Balazs LeczAdd uid_pool to ssconf
2010-04-16 Balazs LeczAdd printing of uid_pool to gnt-cluster info
2010-04-16 Balazs LeczAdd --add-uids/--remove-uids to gnt-cluster modify
2010-04-16 Balazs LeczAdd lib/ module