Merge branch 'stable-2.16' into stable-2.17
[ganeti-github.git] / lib /
2015-04-20 Lisa VeldenFix string formatting in private object representation
2014-09-15 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.11' into stable-2.12
2014-09-12 Klaus AehligUpdate the license statement
2014-04-17 Petr PudlakFix private parameters wrapping when deserializing...
2014-02-10 Santi RaffaFix compatibility issues
2014-02-07 Santi Raffaserializer: emit and encode Private values
2014-02-07 Santi RaffaAdd Private types to Python, Haskell
2014-02-04 Jose A. LopesFix missing '@raise' in docstring
2012-11-27 Michael HanselmannFactorize code to load and verify JSON
2011-12-21 Michael Hanselmannserializer: Remove JSON indentation and dict key sorting
2011-09-26 Michael Hanselmannserializer: Add comment about simplejson vs. built...
2011-09-26 Michael HanselmannRevert "Fail if dictionary uses invalid keys" and ...
2011-09-23 Michael Hanselmannserializer: Fail if dictionary uses invalid keys
2011-09-23 Michael Hanselmannserializer: Support newer “json” module
2011-08-30 Andrea SpadacciniDeprecationWarning fixes for pylint
2011-07-25 Iustin PopMost boring patch ever
2010-05-04 Michael HanselmannAdd optional “salt” argument to utils.{,Verify}Sha1Hmac
2010-05-04 Michael HanselmannUse utility functions for HMAC
2010-04-09 Guido TrotterFix new pylint errors
2010-02-26 Balazs LeczAdd multi-key support to the serializer
2009-12-28 Iustin PopMerge branch 'devel-2.0' into devel-2.1
2009-12-28 Iustin PopAdd targetted pylint disables
2009-11-05 Michael HanselmannCache JSON encoders and sort keys
2009-10-19 Michael HanselmannFix serializer unittests v2.1.0beta1
2009-10-16 Michael Hanselmannserializer: Sort keys in JSON
2009-08-07 Guido Trotterserializer.DumpSignedJson
2009-08-07 Guido TrotterSerializer, remove salt_verifier functionality
2009-08-05 Guido Trotterserializer: fix a few docstrings
2009-07-16 Guido TrotterFix python 2.4 compatibility
2009-07-14 Guido TrotterHMAC authenticated json messages
2008-12-11 Iustin PopFix epydoc format warnings
2008-07-08 Michael Hanselmannserializer.DumpJson: Control indentation by parameter
2008-06-18 Michael HanselmannMake sure serialized data ends with EOL character
2008-06-06 Michael HanselmannForward-port: Alias Dump/Load functions in ganeti.seria...
2008-04-21 Iustin PopAbstract the json functions into a separate module