Add reason parameter to RAPI client functions
[ganeti-github.git] / lib / rapi /
2014-03-26 Michele TartaraAdd reason parameter to RAPI client functions
2013-07-10 Leon HandrekeExpose bulk parameter for GetJobs in RAPI client
2013-04-24 Michele TartaraReason trail implementation for "start"
2013-04-24 Michele TartaraReason trail implementation for "shutdown"
2013-04-22 Michele TartaraReason trail implementation for instance reboot
2013-04-22 Michele TartaraRemove old "reason" implementation
2013-03-21 Bernardo Dal SenoMerge branch 'devel-2.7'
2013-03-12 Daniel Krambrockrapi client: add target_node to migrate instance
2013-03-12 Bernardo Dal SenoMerge branch 'devel-2.7'
2013-03-11 Daniel KrambrockGanetiRapiClient: fix the no_remember option
2013-02-19 Michele TartaraStatus change reason support for Reboot
2013-02-11 Dimitris AragiorgisRemove network_type slot (Issue 363)
2012-12-10 Michael HanselmannChange value for ECODE_TEMP_NORES
2012-12-07 Michael HanselmannExport error codes from RAPI client module
2012-11-21 Iustin PopSmall style fixes (' vs ") in network code
2012-11-20 Dimitris AragiorgisFixes to pass py-apidoc (make commit-check)
2012-11-20 Dimitris AragiorgisFixes to pass pep8 (make lint)
2012-11-20 Dimitris AragiorgisFixes to pass unittests (make check)
2012-11-20 Dimitris AragiorgisAdd tags in network objects
2012-11-20 Dimitris AragiorgisRapi support for networks
2012-10-16 Michael HanselmannAdd new constant for pending job status
2012-09-27 René NussbaumerAdding RAPI client for instance multi allocation
2012-09-12 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Fix typo in docstring
2012-08-08 Guido Trotterrapi client: accept arbitrary shutdown arguments
2012-05-30 René NussbaumerFix GenericCurlConfig when pycurl is linked against nss
2012-04-20 Chris SchrierChange CertificateError to subclass GanetiApiError
2012-04-19 Chris SchrierInclude PycURL error code in GanetiApiError.
2012-02-01 René Nussbaumerrapi.client: Removing constants not needed anymore
2011-12-13 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Export feature constants
2011-12-13 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Replace body value assignments with helper
2011-12-13 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Use utilities for building query parameters
2011-10-31 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.5'
2011-10-21 René NussbaumerMerge branch 'stable-2.5' into devel-2.5
2011-10-18 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Make node evacuation actually work
2011-10-18 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'devel-2.5'
2011-10-18 Guido TrotterRevert "rapi.client.ModifyNode should PUT rather than...
2011-10-18 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'devel-2.5'
2011-10-18 Guido Trotterrapi.client.ModifyNode should PUT rather than POST
2011-10-18 Guido TrotterFix RAPI node modify client and server calls
2011-10-17 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Fix resource for replacing disks
2011-10-13 Michael Hanselmannrapi: Allow auto-promotion on node role change
2011-10-13 Michael Hanselmannrapi: Add resource for modifying node
2011-10-12 Iustin PopRename filter and filter_ to qfilter
2011-09-20 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add resource to powercycle node
2011-09-16 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add resource to recreate instance's disks
2011-08-30 Andrea SpadacciniDeprecationWarning fixes for pylint
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannImplement instance failover via RAPI
2011-07-21 Michael HanselmannRename *_STATUS_WAITLOCK to …_WAITING
2011-07-05 Michael HanselmannChange RAPI for new node evacuation opcode
2011-05-30 Michael Hanselmanngnt-node migrate: Use LU-generated jobs
2011-05-20 Iustin PopMerge remote branch 'origin/devel-2.4'
2011-05-16 Iustin PopImplement no_remember at RAPI level
2011-04-21 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add support for tagging node groups
2011-03-30 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Remove support for version 0 instance...
2011-03-29 Simeon MiteffImproved GanetiRapiClient docstrings
2011-03-18 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Tidy and test WaitForJobCompletion
2011-03-18 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Add job status constants
2011-03-18 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Job IDs are strings
2011-03-18 Iustin PopRAPI client: fix epydoc formatting
2011-03-18 Theo Van DinterAdd a helper function to the RAPI client
2011-03-15 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add support for querying resources
2011-03-02 Guido TrotterRemove bridge field from rapi client
2011-01-28 Michael HanselmannAdd RAPI resource for instance console
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: De-/activating instance disks
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Wrap /2/redistribute-config resource
2011-01-10 Adeodato SimoExpose OpAssignGroupNodes over RAPI and RAPI client
2011-01-05 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add resource to grow instance disk
2011-01-05 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add resource to modify cluster
2010-12-13 Adeodato SimoExpose OpSetGroupParams in RAPI and RAPI client
2010-12-13 Adeodato SimoAdd the "alloc_policy" attribute to node groups
2010-12-08 Adeodato SimoGroup operations: update ganeti.rapi.client with all...
2010-11-29 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Implement OS parameters for instance reinstallation
2010-08-18 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'devel-2.2'
2010-08-18 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Support modifying instances
2010-08-18 Manuel Franceschinirapi.client, http.client: Format url correctly when...
2010-08-10 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Fix docstring for migrating instance
2010-08-10 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Support renaming instances
2010-08-10 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Don't re-use PycURL object
2010-07-29 David KnowlesRAPI client: The os argument for instance reinstalls...
2010-07-29 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Support migrating instances
2010-07-23 Iustin PopUpdate the RAPI client for the migration mode
2010-07-19 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Encode empty body to JSON
2010-07-13 Michael HanselmannMerge remote branch 'origin/devel-2.1'
2010-07-13 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Implement old instance creation request...
2010-07-01 Guido TrotterRapiClient: fix multi-authentication in Python 2.6
2010-07-01 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Switch to pycURL
2010-06-23 Iustin PopRAPI: switch evacuate node to the new model
2010-06-17 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Add support for Python 2.6
2010-06-17 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Add support for Python 2.6
2010-06-01 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'devel-2.1'
2010-05-31 Tom LimoncelliRAPI client should convert urllib2.URLError to GanetiAp...
2010-05-18 Michael HanselmannRAPI changes for instance moves
2010-05-18 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Handle urllib2.HTTPError and raise GanetiA...
2010-05-17 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Rename Get{Node,Instance}Info, add new...
2010-05-17 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Log request to be made
2010-05-13 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Implement instance creation
2010-05-13 Michael HanselmannMention RAPI client in documentation
2010-05-13 Michael HanselmannAdd new /2/features RAPI resource
2010-05-12 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Fix SSL error reporting for real
2010-05-11 Michael HanselmannRAPI client: Improve SSL error reporting