Add tags in network objects
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2012-11-20 Dimitris AragiorgisAdd tags in network objects
2012-11-20 Dimitris AragiorgisIP pool related objects, opcodes and constants
2012-11-20 Iustin PopImprove error message for wrong opcode parameter values
2012-11-20 Iustin PopCleanup ht's use of positive/strictpositive
2012-11-19 Michael HanselmannAdd opcode for running commands remotely
2012-11-05 Dato Simó use None as name for tag operations on the...
2012-11-01 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.6'
2012-10-30 Iustin PopFix validation of vgname in OpClusterSetParams
2012-10-05 Michael Hanselmannbackend: Check for shared storage also
2012-09-28 René NussbaumerPylint cleanup
2012-09-28 René NussbaumerMake validation error message more useful
2012-09-28 René NussbaumerProvide a custom Validate for OpInstanceMultiAlloc
2012-09-24 René NussbaumerAdding the new opcode for multi-allocation
2012-09-12 René NussbaumerAdapt gnt-debug iallocator
2012-09-12 René NussbaumerMake the __slots__ functionality more modular
2012-09-07 Iustin PopMerge branch 'devel-2.6' into submit
2012-09-04 René NussbaumerFix gnt-debug iallocator
2012-07-25 Bernardo Dal SenoAllocator support in recreate-disks LU
2012-07-13 Iustin PopMerge branch 'stable-2.6'
2012-07-05 Iustin Pop9Add wait_for_sync flag to OpInstanceActivateDisks
2012-06-25 Iustin PopAdd summary field to OpNodeModifyStorage
2012-06-18 Iustin PopFix inconsistent punctuation in rapi docs and opcodes
2012-04-26 Iustin PopAdd 'absolute' grow-disk mode at OpCode/LU level
2012-04-26 Iustin PopEnsure that the grow disk amount is positive
2012-04-20 Michael HanselmannAdd opcode parameter descriptions
2012-04-20 Michael HanselmannStop using locks in LUXI "QueryTags"
2012-03-06 Iustin PopMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel-2.5'
2012-02-23 Michael Hanselmannopcodes: Remove dependency on query module
2012-02-21 Michael HanselmannAdd result checks for OpTags*
2012-02-21 René Nussbaumeropcodes: Annotate the OP_RESULT of query operations
2012-02-20 Michael Hanselmannopcodes: Add result checks for OpBackup*
2012-02-20 René Nussbaumeropcodes: Fix OP_RESULT for OobCommand
2012-02-17 René Nussbaumeropcodes: Adding missing OP_RESULTs
2012-02-13 Michael HanselmannOpInstanceSetParams: Make two type checks public
2012-02-13 Michael HanselmannOpInstanceSetParams: Accept more flexible NIC/disk...
2012-02-13 Michael Hanselmannopcodes: Add comments to two parameter tests
2012-02-01 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'stable-2.5' into devel-2.5
2012-02-01 Michael HanselmannAdd stricter checks for OpInstanceSetParams.{nics,disks}
2012-02-01 Michael HanselmannAdd ht.TMaybeListOf type check
2012-02-01 Michael HanselmannStricter check for OS modifications passed to OpCluster...
2012-01-31 Michael HanselmannFix type check for OpQuery.filter
2012-01-31 Michael HanselmannOpInstanceSetParams: Merge {off,on}line_inst parameters
2012-01-26 Guido Trottercli/opcodes: add a --no-runtime-changes migrate opt
2012-01-26 René Nussbaumerdoc/rapi.rst: Document ipolicy parameter
2012-01-25 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance recreate-disks: Allow specifying new size
2012-01-18 Guido Trottergnt-instance modify -m|--runtime-memory
2012-01-16 René NussbaumerTLReplaceDisk: Add ipolicy checks
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-node: Add instance policy to migrate
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adding instance policy to add
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adding verification of instance policy...
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adding instance policy to move
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adding instance policy to migrate
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adding instance policy to failover
2011-12-16 René Nussbaumergnt-node: Add hv/disk state to add
2011-12-16 René Nussbaumergnt-group: Add hv/disk state to add
2011-12-13 Michael Hanselmannopcodes: Extend description of “depends” parameter
2011-12-08 Agata MurawskaGroupSetParam supports instance policy changes
2011-12-08 Agata MurawskaAddGroup supports instance policy
2011-12-08 Agata MurawskaSetClusterParams supports instance policy changes
2011-12-08 René Nussbaumergnt-cluster: Allow modify disk/hv state
2011-12-08 René Nussbaumergnt-group: Allow modify disk/hv state
2011-12-08 René Nussbaumergnt-node: Allow modify disk/hv state
2011-12-01 Andrea SpadacciniAdd basic support for disk parameters
2011-11-24 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.5'
2011-11-23 Michael HanselmannSeparate OpNodeEvacuate.mode from iallocator
2011-11-18 Andrea SpadacciniMerge branch 'devel-2.5'
2011-11-18 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'stable-2.5' into devel-2.5
2011-11-16 Agata MurawskaTransition into and out of offline instance state
2011-11-15 Michael HanselmannDocument OpNodeMigrate's result for RAPI
2011-11-14 Andrea SpadacciniAdd --use-external-mip-script flag
2011-10-31 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.5'
2011-10-21 René NussbaumerMerge branch 'stable-2.5' into devel-2.5
2011-10-19 Michael HanselmannOpGroupVerifyDisks: Fix wrong result type declaration
2011-10-18 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'devel-2.5'
2011-10-13 Michael Hanselmannopcodes: Add comment to *SetParams result description
2011-10-12 Iustin PopRename filter and filter_ to qfilter
2011-10-05 Andrea SpadacciniAdd --ignore-errors parameter to cluster verify
2011-10-05 Andrea SpadacciniAdd cluster netmask parameter
2011-09-30 Andrea SpadacciniAdd gnt-cluster commands to toggle the master IP
2011-09-30 Andrea SpadacciniAdd gnt-cluster commands to toggle the master IP
2011-09-16 Michael HanselmannRAPI: Add resource to recreate instance's disks
2011-09-15 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'devel-2.5'
2011-08-30 Andrea SpadacciniDeprecationWarning fixes for pylint
2011-08-25 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.5'
2011-08-25 Michael HanselmannPEP8 style fixes
2011-08-24 Michael HanselmannDisk template is no longer required when importing...
2011-08-12 Michael HanselmannAllow locking to be used via OpQuery
2011-08-12 Michael Hanselmannopcodes: Add more result checks, add some comments
2011-08-12 Michael HanselmannClarify job ID-related type checks, add unittests
2011-08-12 Michael HanselmannChange OpClusterVerifyConfig's result, verify results
2011-08-12 Michael HanselmannUse LU-generated jobs for verifying cluster
2011-08-12 Michael Hanselmannopcodes: Use variables for verification parameters
2011-08-11 Michael HanselmannUse resource kind as OpQuery*'s description
2011-08-05 Michael HanselmannRemove iallocator's “multi-evacuate” mode
2011-08-04 Michael HanselmannAdd opcode to change instance's group
2011-08-03 Iustin PopFix lint errors
2011-08-03 Iustin PopAdd two more compat functions
2011-07-26 Michael HanselmannAdd ht-based result checks to opcodes
2011-07-26 Michael HanselmannChange OpClusterVerifyDisks to per-group opcodes
2011-07-22 Michael HanselmannAdd opcode attribute for comments