Allow disk attachment with external storage
[ganeti-github.git] / lib / cmdlib /
2015-12-17 Lisa VeldenAllow disk attachment with external storage
2015-11-26 Lisa VeldenAllow disk attachment to diskless instances
2015-04-22 Hrvoje RibicicGroup all the disk modification checks together
2015-04-22 Hrvoje RibicicGroup disk provider checks with other mod checks
2015-03-23 Hrvoje RibicicMerge branch 'stable-2.13' into stable-2.14
2015-01-22 Aaron KarperFix reference to instance disk template in attach
2015-01-20 Alex Pyrgiotiscmdlib: Rename file disk in attach/detach
2015-01-20 Alex Pyrgiotiscmdlib: Create wrapper for GenerateDiskTemplate
2015-01-19 Aaron KarperRemove necessity for disk template in disk removal
2015-01-19 Aaron KarperReplace various checks in LUInstanceSetParams with...
2015-01-19 Aaron KarperUse dev_type in moving of disks
2015-01-19 Aaron KarperIntroduce temporary homodiskosity assumption
2015-01-19 Aaron KarperUnify finding the correct file driver
2015-01-19 Aaron KarperCheck modifications for LUInstanceSetParams correctly
2015-01-19 Aaron KarperRemove instance disk template from error reporting
2015-01-19 Aaron KarperRemove SetInstanceDiskTemplate from config
2015-01-19 Aaron KarperMake CalculateFileStorageDir params explicit
2015-01-09 Alex Pyrgiotiscmdlib: Add core attach/detach logic
2015-01-09 Alex Pyrgiotiscmdlib: Add checks for attach/detach
2015-01-09 Ilias TsitsimpisAllocateDRBDMinor per disk, not per instance
2014-11-19 Aaron KarperMove cmdlib.instance_storage.*DiskOfType to project...
2014-11-19 Aaron KarperAllow attach to diskless instance
2014-11-05 Aaron KarperFixing handling of diskless instances
2014-11-05 Aaron KarperMove LUInstanceSetParams to own file