Do not attempt to use the DRBD secret in gnt-instance info
[ganeti-github.git] / lib / client /
2015-11-30 Hrvoje RibicicDo not attempt to use the DRBD secret in gnt-instance...
2014-01-23 Klaus AehligMerge branch 'stable-2.8' into stable-2.9
2014-01-09 Michele TartaraImprove backwards compatibility of Issue 649 fix
2013-08-28 Helga VelroyenReplace LD_* constants with DT_* constants
2013-08-07 Thomas ThrainerMerge branch 'stable-2.8' into stable-2.9
2013-07-30 Michele TartaraAdd cleanup parameter to instance failover
2013-06-13 Thomas ThrainerIndex nodes by their UUID
2013-06-11 Klaus AehligAdd an option to print job id of submitted jobs on...
2013-05-23 Bernardo Dal Senognt-instance info prints information about spindles
2013-04-22 Michele TartaraRemove old "reason" implementation
2013-04-17 Christos StavrakakisDisplay UUIDs and names in gnt-instance info
2013-04-17 Christos StavrakakisSupport UUIDs and names when refering to a device
2013-04-02 Klaus AehligAdd option --new-primary to gnt-instance modify
2013-03-26 Bernardo Dal Senognt-instance info uses a revised format
2013-02-20 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.7'
2013-02-19 Dimitris AragiorgisFix issue 378
2013-02-19 Michele TartaraStatus change reason support for Reboot
2013-02-19 Michele TartaraInfrastructure for specifying instance status change...
2013-02-18 Dimitris AragiorgisShow network name and not uuid in instance info
2012-12-19 Michael HanselmannReplace frozenset with compat.UniqueFrozenset
2012-12-19 Guido TrotterAllow shutting down offline instance
2012-11-20 Dimitris AragiorgisPass netinfo in rpcs
2012-11-20 Dimitris AragiorgisIntroduce client support for networks
2012-11-20 Apollon OikonomopoulosModify instance client to support networks
2012-11-08 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.6'
2012-11-07 Michael HanselmannAdd missing tests for commit f0d2286
2012-11-01 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.6'
2012-10-26 Iustin PopUpdate instance modify message
2012-10-11 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.6'
2012-10-05 Bernardo Dal SenoBetter list of replace-disks arguments + typos fixed
2012-10-03 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance reinstall: Don't always exit with success
2012-09-28 René NussbaumerPylint cleanup
2012-09-28 René NussbaumerModify batch-create to use MultiAlloc
2012-08-23 Iustin PopBump pep8 version to 1.2
2012-08-02 Iustin PopFix uses of OpPrereqError without code info
2012-07-25 Adam IngrassiaFront-end and doc to use allocator in recreate-disks
2012-07-13 Iustin PopMerge branch 'stable-2.6'
2012-07-05 Iustin PopAdd --wait-for-sync in gnt-instance
2012-06-29 Constantinos Venet... Allow param `modify' during gnt-instance modify
2012-05-21 René Nussbaumergnt-instance info: Rework beparams listings
2012-05-11 Iustin PopMerge commit 'v2.5.1' into devel-2.5
2012-05-11 Iustin PopFix grow-disk handling of invalid units
2012-04-27 Iustin PopFix grow-disk handling of invalid units
2012-04-26 Iustin PopAdd absolute grow-disk mode at CLI level
2012-04-18 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance: Add "--submit" and "--priority" to commands
2012-04-17 Alexander SchreiberAdd "show" as alias for "info" to gnt commands
2012-04-13 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.5'
2012-04-12 Michael Hanselmanngnt-* {add,list,remove}-tags: Unify options
2012-03-22 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance info: Show node group information
2012-02-17 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance modify: Support new-style NIC/disk modific...
2012-01-31 Michael HanselmannOpInstanceSetParams: Merge {off,on}line_inst parameters
2012-01-26 Guido Trottercli/opcodes: add a --no-runtime-changes migrate opt
2012-01-25 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance recreate-disks: Allow specifying new size
2012-01-18 Guido Trottergnt-instance modify -m|--runtime-memory
2012-01-16 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adapt replace-disks to the new opcode
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adding instance policy to add
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adding verification of instance policy...
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adding instance policy to move
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adding instance policy to migrate
2012-01-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance: Adding instance policy to failover
2012-01-06 Guido TrotterUpdate GrowDisk docstring
2011-12-08 Bernardo Dal SenoAdd new back-end parameter "always_failover"
2011-11-22 Guido TrotterRemove BE_MEMORY from beparams but keep compatibility
2011-11-22 Guido TrotterShowInstanceConfig: show max and min memory
2011-11-16 Agata MurawskaTransition into and out of offline instance state
2011-11-02 René NussbaumerMake it possible to pass in flags using ENV variables
2011-09-13 Andrea SpadacciniAdd SPICE support to gnt-instance console
2011-08-30 Andrea SpadacciniDeprecationWarning fixes for pylint
2011-08-25 Michael HanselmannPEP8 style fixes
2011-08-10 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance: Rename _SHUTDOWN_* to _EXPAND_*
2011-08-04 Michael HanselmannAdd “gnt-instance change-group” command
2011-08-03 Iustin PopFix documentation of gnt-instance failover
2011-08-02 Michael HanselmannAdd primary/second nodes' group as query fields
2011-07-25 Iustin PopMost boring patch ever
2011-07-22 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance info: Return static info if node offline
2011-07-22 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance console: Use query instead of opcode
2011-07-08 Stephen ShirleyAdd gnt-instance start --pause
2011-06-07 Michael HanselmannFix issue with tags on instance creation
2011-06-01 Apollon OikonomopoulosAdd tagging option to gnt-instance create
2011-05-20 Iustin PopMerge remote branch 'origin/devel-2.4'
2011-05-16 Iustin PopImplement no_remember at CLI level
2011-05-12 Iustin PopFix a bug in LUInstanceMove
2011-05-11 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'devel-2.4'
2011-05-09 Iustin PopAdd --no-wait-for-sync when converting to drbd
2011-05-09 Iustin PopRecreate instance disks: allow changing nodes
2011-04-29 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.4'
2011-04-29 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance: Fix typo in error message
2011-04-29 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.4'
2011-04-20 Iustin Popgnt-instance info: automatically request locking
2011-04-19 Michael Hanselmanngnt-instance list: Query filter support
2011-04-06 René Nussbaumergnt-instance migrate: Adding --allow-failover option
2011-03-08 Apollon OikonomopoulosRename DTS_NET_MIRROR to DTS_INT_MIRROR
2011-03-08 Apollon OikonomopoulosCLI changes to facilitate shared storage migration...
2011-03-02 Guido TrotterUnhardcode constants from instance batch create
2011-02-22 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.4'
2011-02-18 Iustin PopChange the list formatting to a 'special' chars
2011-02-08 Stephen ShirleyHandle gnt-instance shutdown --all for empty clusters
2011-02-04 Iustin Popgnt-instance reinstall: display OS changes
2011-02-01 René NussbaumerRefactor _ConfirmOperation from to...
2011-01-27 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.3' into devel-2.4