Document the rapi client not to have a QueryNetworks method
[ganeti-github.git] / devel /
2013-07-10 Michele TartaraAdd git send-email to the chroot
2013-07-08 Michele TartaraFix apt-get invocation in chroot_builder
2013-06-20 Michele TartaraAdd tools for building deb packages to build_chroot
2013-06-20 Michele TartaraImprove the final message of build_chroot
2013-06-20 Michele TartaraMake build_chroot self-contained
2013-05-17 Bernardo Dal SenoMerge branch 'stable-2.7' into stable-2.8
2013-05-10 Michele TartaraAllow build_chroot to work from any directory
2013-05-10 Michele Tartarabuild_chroot: check whether the data dir exists
2013-05-07 Michele TartaraAdd version numbers to chroot build script
2013-05-07 Thomas ThrainerSupport /var/run being a symlink in upload
2013-04-22 Klaus Aehligdevel/review: fix addition of reviewer from environment
2013-04-18 Klaus Aehligdevel/review: take default reviewer from environment
2013-04-11 Michele TartaraAdd "less" to the chroot
2013-04-10 Michele TartaraSet the default editor inside the chroot
2013-04-10 Michele TartaraAdd backports to the chroot builder sources
2013-04-05 Michele TartaraAdd script for building chroot
2013-03-12 Iustin PopAdd a simple tool for checking split-query equivalence
2013-02-25 Guido TrotterOfficially require Python 2.6+
2013-02-08 Iustin PopFix OCF files installation in devel/upload
2013-01-07 Michael HanselmannAdd small webserver for development
2012-11-15 Guido TrotterAdd ganeti-node-role ocf example file
2012-11-15 Guido TrotterAdd ganeti-master-role.ocf example file
2012-11-07 Iustin PopSwitch devel/upload to a static file
2012-10-25 Iustin PopRemove dumb-allocator code from devel/upload
2012-10-25 Iustin PopFix devel/upload restart of daemons
2012-10-23 Iustin PopImprove devel/upload command line handling
2012-09-19 Michael Hanselmannbash_completion: Generate more compact version
2012-01-26 Bernardo Dal Senodevel/upload: Fix permissions for installed directories
2011-12-12 Bernardo Dal Senodevel/upload: Fix permissions for installed directories
2010-11-09 Michael Hanselmanndevel/release: Use release-specific Makefile targets
2010-10-13 Guido TrotterRequire aclocal 1.11.1 or above for devel/release
2010-07-19 Iustin PopIntroduce git reference/tag tracking for debugging
2010-07-12 Manuel FranceschiniUse reserved documentation IPs and domains
2010-05-20 Guido Trotterdevel/review: make the range argument optional
2010-04-23 Guido Trotterdevel/upload: add --no-debug option
2010-01-13 Michael HanselmannSmall improvements for release script
2010-01-12 Michael HanselmannProvide example default files and install one for devel...
2009-12-28 Iustin PopMerge branch 'devel-2.0' into devel-2.1
2009-12-18 Iustin PopAdd a release script
2009-11-26 Iustin PopEnable batch mode for devel/upload
2009-10-05 Michael HanselmannImplement strict mode for devel/review
2009-09-28 Guido Trotterdevel/ make it more project generic
2009-09-09 Michael Hanselmannupload: Use more compatible regular expression
2009-08-31 Michael Hanselmanndevel/upload: Build in parallel
2009-08-13 Iustin PopMerge commit 'origin/next' into branch-2.1
2009-08-05 Iustin Popdevel/upload: revert rsync -p
2009-08-04 Iustin PopSimplify the devel/upload script
2009-08-03 Michael HanselmannAdd review script
2008-12-07 Guido Trotterchmod ganeti.initd before uploading it
2008-11-25 Guido TrotterAdd very basic online help to devel/upload
2008-06-26 Michael Hanselmanndevel/upload: Add --no-restart option
2008-06-19 Michael HanselmannUse a single instead of many
2008-05-05 Michael HanselmannGenerate devel/upload during build time from template
2008-01-28 Guido TrotterFix a typo in a devel/upload comment
2008-01-21 Guido TrotterAdd tool to ease testing of unsubmitted patches