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2009-07-14 Iustin PopUpdate documentation for the new luxi backend
2009-07-05 Iustin PopRemove hn1 and related code
2009-06-10 Iustin PopAdd a new vcpus attribute to instances
2009-06-05 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS and README for the 0.1.3 release htools-v0.1.3
2009-06-01 Iustin PopUpdate the README file with hspace informations
2009-06-01 Iustin PopSmall documentation update
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2009-05-19 Iustin PopAdd support for 'offline' nodes
2009-05-09 Iustin PopSmall doc change in README
2009-03-23 Iustin PopMore documentation updates
2009-03-22 Iustin PopDocumentation updates
2009-03-21 Iustin PopAdd node memory field to Node objects
2009-02-15 Iustin PopDocumentation updates htools-v0.0.4
2009-02-12 Iustin PopChange the input file formats
2009-01-28 Iustin PopInitial import htools-v0.0.3
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