Switch devel/upload to a static file
[ganeti-github.git] / Makefile.am
2012-11-07 Iustin PopSwitch devel/upload to a static file
2012-10-26 Michael HanselmannRemove setup-ssh
2012-10-26 Iustin PopMove htools backends to a separate directory
2012-10-26 Iustin PopAdd a simple unittest for THH code
2012-10-25 Iustin PopRemove unused cache implementation
2012-10-25 Iustin PopAdd a default `.ghci' file
2012-10-25 Iustin PopAdd an Errors module mirroring the Python one
2012-10-24 Guido TrotterAdd small design for Linux HA integration
2012-10-24 Guido TrotterReplace @LIBDIR@ in .in files
2012-10-23 Michael HanselmannAdd initial implementation of prepare-node-join
2012-10-22 Michael HanselmannFind coverage during configure, issue with Debian package
2012-10-22 Iustin PopAdd a new 'really-all' make target
2012-10-18 Guido TrotterAdd cluster monitoring agent design document
2012-10-17 Dato SimóMerge branch 'devel-2.6' into master
2012-10-17 Dato SimóAdd hbal-excl-tags.data to Makefile.am, missed in 0397694
2012-10-17 Michael Hanselmanngnt-job cancel: Confirmation and selection of jobs
2012-10-16 Michael HanselmannDesign for remote command execution via RPC
2012-10-16 Michael HanselmannMakefile: Verify version of security.rst document
2012-10-16 Iustin PopAdd a very simple test rpc program
2012-10-16 Iustin PopAdd htools program code to hlint call
2012-10-16 Michael HanselmannAdd design for changing node SSH setup
2012-10-12 Michael HanselmannFix distcheck after commit 7a962ec
2012-10-12 Michael HanselmannMakefile/check-local: Ensure design document exists
2012-10-12 Michael HanselmannAdd design document for version 2.7
2012-10-11 Iustin PopCleanup haddock documentation a bit
2012-10-11 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'devel-2.6'
2012-10-11 Michael HanselmannMerge branch 'stable-2.6' into devel-2.6
2012-10-10 Iustin PopImprove Haskell configure options and detection
2012-10-10 Michael HanselmannAdd list of design documents implemented in version 2.6
2012-10-08 Iustin PopMerge ganeti-master-cleaner back into ganeti-cleaner
2012-10-08 Iustin PopEnable bash completion for Haskell daemons too
2012-10-08 Iustin PopA few cleanups in Makefile.am
2012-10-08 Iustin PopFixup TAGS generation with newer GHC
2012-10-08 Iustin PopRename Ganeti/HTools/Utils.hs to Ganeti/Utils.hs
2012-10-05 Bernardo Dal SenoDesign doc for partitioned Ganeti
2012-10-02 Iustin PopRemove the python confd server side code
2012-10-02 Iustin PopRemove option to select the Python version of confd
2012-10-02 Michael HanselmannAdd first version of virtual cluster documentation
2012-10-02 Bernardo Dal SenoAlways distribute ganeti.utils.io_unittest-runasroot.py
2012-09-28 Michael Hanselmannganeti-cleaner: Separate queue cleaning code
2012-09-28 Michael HanselmannStop hardcoding root user
2012-09-27 Michael HanselmannCleanup of build-time shell variable replacements
2012-09-27 Michael HanselmannFix distcheck after commit 29386d3ee
2012-09-27 Michael HanselmannAdd vcluster-setup utility
2012-09-26 Agata MurawskaNodeGroup query in Haskell
2012-09-26 Iustin PopEnable bash completion for htools scripts
2012-09-25 Michael HanselmannAdd tests for bash completion
2012-09-24 René NussbaumerAdding some fundamental unittests for iallocator
2012-09-21 Michael HanselmannAdd new module for virtual clusters
2012-09-19 Michael Hanselmannbash_completion: Generate more compact version
2012-09-18 Michael HanselmannUse autoconf-based paths from Haskell instead of constants
2012-09-18 Michael Hanselmannconstants: Move most paths to separate module
2012-09-12 René NussbaumerRefactor IAllocator code
2012-09-12 René NussbaumerMake the __slots__ functionality more modular
2012-09-05 Iustin PopRework CLI modules and tests
2012-09-05 Iustin PopAdd query filter tests
2012-09-05 Iustin PopAdd some unittests for node queries
2012-09-05 Iustin PopAdd unittests for the BasicTypes module
2012-09-05 Iustin PopMove Version.hs up from under HTools/
2012-09-05 Iustin PopTwo tiny makefile fixes
2012-09-04 Iustin PopRemove QC.hs and replace it with an auto-generated...
2012-09-04 Iustin PopSplit the Makefile variable HS_LIB_SRCS
2012-09-04 Iustin PopSplit last two remaining tests from QC.hs
2012-09-04 Iustin PopMove JSON.hs and Compat.hs out from under HTools/
2012-09-04 Iustin PopSplit most HTools test code into separate files
2012-09-04 Iustin PopSplit Luxi, Qlang, Ssconf and OpCodes tests
2012-09-04 Iustin PopSplit Rpc tests from QC
2012-09-04 Iustin PopSplit one more module out of QC and add test helpers
2012-09-04 Iustin PopSplit out Objects.hs from QC.hs
2012-09-04 Iustin PopMove the unittest helper to a new Test/Ganeti dir
2012-09-04 Iustin PopMove generated htools test stubs to htest/
2012-09-04 Iustin PopMove shelltests from test/ to htest/shelltests/
2012-09-04 Iustin PopMove htools test files from test/data/htools to htest...
2012-09-04 Iustin PopMove haskell test code to htest/
2012-09-04 Iustin PopRename the Qlang and Queryd modules
2012-09-04 Iustin PopAdd filtering support in Query
2012-09-03 Guido TrotterMerge branch 'devel-2.6'
2012-09-03 Guido TrotterInstance autorepair design
2012-09-03 Iustin PopAdd Query support for Nodes (no filtering, no RPC)
2012-09-03 Iustin PopStub query2 call integration into QueryD
2012-08-28 Iustin PopReduce some more code duplication and split code
2012-08-28 Iustin PopAdd configure-time switch for split queries
2012-08-28 Iustin PopRename Query2.hs to Qlang.hs
2012-08-28 Iustin PopRe-enable standard hlint warnings
2012-08-28 Iustin PopInitial query daemon implementation
2012-08-28 Agata MurawskaDatatypes for haskell RPC calls
2012-08-27 Iustin PopMerge branch 'devel-2.6'
2012-08-27 Iustin PopMake stable-2.6 compatible with newer pep8
2012-08-23 Iustin PopBump pep8 version to 1.2
2012-08-14 René NussbaumerAdding design doc for bulk instance create
2012-08-09 René NussbaumerAdd new Makefile target to rebuild the whole dist
2012-08-08 René NussbaumerAdd missing rst files to Makefile.am
2012-07-23 Iustin PopBuild epydoc.conf using standard replace_vars_sed
2012-07-23 Iustin PopSimplify some make rules
2012-07-23 Iustin PopExplicitly terminate some make rules
2012-07-23 Iustin PopRemove ancient implicit make rules
2012-07-23 Iustin PopStop using BUILT_SOURCES
2012-07-23 Iustin PopChange how we create the 'ganeti' symlink
2012-07-23 Iustin PopPartial undo of "Makefile: Streamline directory creation"
2012-07-23 Iustin PopA few style fixes in Makefile.am