Add custom pylintrc
[ganeti-github.git] /
2009-07-07 Michael HanselmannAdd custom pylintrc
2009-06-08 Iustin PopAdd a lvm stripecount configure parameter
2009-05-11 Iustin PopAdd the new DRBD test files to the Makefile
2009-05-07 Carlos ValienteMake Python interpreter selectable for test scripts
2009-04-14 Alexander SchreiberTrivial typo fix in error message
2009-04-07 Iustin PopDistribute built documentation
2009-02-27 Iustin PopConvert the RAPI document to restructured text
2009-02-27 Iustin PopConvert the install document to restructured text.
2009-02-26 Iustin PopFix the Makefile after the bash_completion patch
2009-02-26 Iustin PopAdd bash-completion rules
2009-02-25 Iustin PopConvert the hooks document to restructured text
2009-02-24 Iustin PopConvert iallocator.sgml to restructured text
2009-02-24 Iustin PopConvert the admin guide to restructured text
2009-02-20 Iustin PopAlso generate HTML format for the man pages
2009-02-12 Iustin PopUpdate the command line scripts man pages for 2.0
2009-02-12 Iustin PopMan page updates for the ganeti daemons.
2009-02-12 Iustin PopRemove a duplicate line in sed_vars
2009-01-29 Oleksiy MishchenkoRAPI: rlib1 removal
2009-01-21 Guido TrotterKVM: instance migration
2008-12-19 Michael Hanselmannganeti.http: Add support for basic HTTP authentication
2008-12-16 Guido TrotterKVM: improve socat interface
2008-12-14 Iustin PopImprove comments
2008-12-11 Iustin PopFix epydoc format warnings
2008-12-04 Michael Hanselmannganeti.http: Split HTTP server and client into separate...
2008-12-04 Michael HanselmannMove HTTP code to subpackage
2008-11-23 Iustin PopSlight change to the apidoc build
2008-11-18 Iustin PopAdd a FieldSet class for variable parameter sets
2008-11-17 Iustin PopFix distcheck with the new dot/png rules
2008-11-16 Iustin PopAdd a cluster architecture diagram
2008-11-16 Iustin PopCombine the 2.0 design documents into one
2008-11-11 Iustin PopMake the makefile not recreate ganeti every time
2008-10-20 Iustin PopRemove the module
2008-10-14 Michael HanselmannGet rid of httperror module
2008-10-10 Michael HanselmannAdd daemon library with mainloop
2008-10-07 Iustin PopMove the SECURITY document to the doc/ dir
2008-10-07 Alexander SchreiberAdd new design docs to
2008-10-06 Iustin PopAdd a simple timespec parsing function
2008-10-06 Oleksiy MishchenkoRAPI Desing Doc
2008-10-02 Michael HanselmannUse docbook2* paths found during configure for actual...
2008-09-30 Michael HanselmannBuild HTML from RST input
2008-08-29 Guido TrotterAdd doc/locking.txt, documenting locking order
2008-08-25 Michael HanselmannRemove references to YAML
2008-08-18 Michael HanselmannQA: Do not upload known_hosts file anymore
2008-08-15 Michael HanselmannRemove QA hook functionality
2008-08-13 Guido TrotterAdd KVM hypervisor code
2008-08-13 Guido TrotterAdd --with-kvm-path configure option
2008-08-08 Michael HanselmannTwo small style fixes
2008-08-04 Michael Hanselmannjstore: Add queue helper functions
2008-07-30 Iustin PopRework master startup/shutdown/failover
2008-07-28 Michael HanselmannMove ganeti-rapi core code to daemon
2008-07-24 Oleksiy MishchenkoSwitch RAPI to ganeti.http module
2008-07-22 Oleksiy MishchenkoSplit RAPI resources to pieces
2008-07-15 Oleksiy MishchenkoMigrate RAPI QA to trunk.
2008-07-15 Iustin PopAdd apidoc makefile target
2008-07-11 Michael HanselmannFix rapi documentation
2008-07-11 Oleksiy MishchenkoCopy the rest of the Restful-API files to trunk
2008-07-11 Michael HanselmannAdd generic HTTP server classes
2008-07-11 Oleksiy MishchenkoInitial copy of RAPI filebase to the trunk
2008-07-04 Michael HanselmannAdd generic worker pool implementation
2008-06-23 Michael HanselmannAdd unittests for ganeti.serializer
2008-06-23 Michael Don't create "--" directory
2008-06-19 Michael HanselmannUse a single instead of many
2008-05-05 Michael HanselmannGenerate devel/upload during build time from template
2008-04-28 Michael HanselmannSplit into several files
2008-01-18 Iustin PopFix the make dist rule
2007-11-26 Iustin PopAdd checking of python modules at ./configure time
2007-11-14 Michael HanselmannCreate /var/run/ganeti directory on “make install”.
2007-10-10 Michael HanselmannAdd preliminary developer notes.
2007-10-08 Michael HanselmannFix “make distcheck”.
2007-10-04 Michael HanselmannForgotten files from last commit, NEWS and
2007-09-12 Michael HanselmannComplete rename of testing/ to test/.
2007-09-12 Michael HanselmannMove QA script from testing/ to qa/.
2007-09-04 Michael HanselmannUse DESTDIR when creating additional directories.
2007-09-03 Michael Hanselmann- Rename docs/ to doc/
2007-08-30 Iustin PopMore updates to the installation tutorial.
2007-08-16 Iustin PopSome small fixes.
2007-07-19 Iustin PopRename the config dir to autotools
2007-07-18 Michael HanselmannAdd autogen.bash, move some files to config/
2007-07-16 Iustin PopInitial commit.