2016-09-23 Klaus AehligFix outdated reference to the Ganeti home page master
2016-02-22 Brian FoleyChange status of 2.17 release to beta
2016-02-18 Viktor BachratyChange branch 2.16 status from beta to rc
2015-10-21 Klaus AehligAdd 2.17 to the branch index
2015-07-29 BSRK AdityaChange status of 2.16 release from alpha to beta
2015-07-29 Helga VelroyenUpdate docs for the new stable 2.15.0
2015-07-17 Klaus AehligDrop support for Ganeti 2.8 and older
2015-07-16 Klaus AehligAdd an entry for the new 2.16 branch
2015-06-18 Helga VelroyenUpdate document index for 2.15~rc1
2015-06-02 Klaus AehligUpdate index to reflect that 2.14 is stable
2015-04-30 Helga VelroyenUpdate docs after 2.15.0~beta1 release
2015-04-29 Klaus AehligUpdate state of 2.14 to RC
2015-04-28 Hrvoje RibicicUpdate the index after the release of Ganeti 2.13
2015-03-26 Hrvoje RibicicUpdate 2.13 docs with RC status
2015-02-13 Klaus Aehlig2.14 moved to beta stage origin/master
2015-01-20 Klaus AehligAdd 2.14 to the Ganeti version table
2015-01-16 Hrvoje RibicicAdd 2.13 to the Ganeti version table
2015-01-12 Klaus AehligFix typo
2014-12-02 Klaus AehligFix typos in index.html
2014-11-07 Klaus AehligHost an overview over Ganeti at
2014-10-10 Petr PudlakMake 2.12 the stable version on the documentation page
2014-09-22 Petr PudlakUpdate the docs index for 2.12.0~rc2
2014-08-21 Petr PudlakUpdate the docs index for 2.12.0~rc1
2014-08-20 Petr PudlakAdd a basic default .gitignore
2014-08-20 Petr PudlakAdd a script for processing peer reviews
2014-08-20 Petr PudlakAdd 2.12.0~beta to the documentation table
2014-04-25 Helga VelroyenUn-highlighten '2.10' release
2014-04-25 Helga VelroyenUpdate documentation index after 2.11.0 release
2014-03-20 Helga VelroyenUpdate the docs index for 2.11.0 rc1
2014-03-05 Helga VelroyenSet 2.11 to 'beta'
2014-02-24 Thomas ThrainerChange index page for 2.10 release
2014-02-05 Petr PudlakAdd Ganeti logos to be available at
2014-02-05 Petr PudlakInitial import for ganeti-doc (AKA ganeti-repo-slave)