2015-11-04 Klaus AehligAlso collect the Ganeti confituration directory master
2015-10-19 Lisa VeldenUpdate buildbot config for new branch 2.17
2015-04-27 Klaus AehligAlso run distrebuildcheck
2015-04-15 Helga VelroyenUpdate buildbot config for new branch 2.15
2015-01-21 Klaus AehligAdd 2.13 and 2.14 to the tested branches
2015-01-21 Klaus AehligUpdate Ganeti URL
2014-12-08 Niklas HambuechenFedora buildslave: Collapse cabal-installs
2014-12-08 Niklas HambuechenFedora buildslave: Fix casing in package
2014-12-08 Niklas HambuechenFedora buildslave: Install newer cabal-install
2014-12-08 Niklas HambuechenUpdate pylint to 0.26 on ubuntu1304 buildslave
2014-11-19 Niklas HambuechenInstall Cabal on buildslaves
2014-11-18 Niklas HambuechenUpdate hlint to support the --cpp-file option
2014-11-14 Aaron KarperRequire libghc-cabal-dev for ubuntu buildslave
2014-11-14 Aaron KarperRequire cabal for ubuntu buildslave
2014-11-13 Aaron KarperInstall python-coverage on fedora buildslave
2014-11-13 Aaron KarperInstall pep8 on fedora buildslave
2014-11-13 Aaron KarperDon't install packages that are not required
2014-10-09 Niklas HambuechenBuildslave: Require pylint==0.26
2014-10-01 Klaus AehligCorrectly override DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS
2014-09-30 Klaus Aehligadd --enable-haskell-tests
2014-09-29 Petr PudlakAdd 'apt-get update' before calls to 'apt-get install'
2014-09-26 Aaron KarperAdd PSQueue dependency to buildslave
2014-08-19 Klaus AehligClean up directories by removing them
2014-07-18 Klaus AehligChange order pkill options
2014-06-18 Klaus AehligAlso cleanup ganeti jobs as processes
2014-05-21 Klaus AehligRun lint with all tests
2014-05-09 Klaus AehligDo not run performance tests on public buildbot
2014-04-29 Klaus AehligAlso run tests for the 2.12 branch
2014-04-29 Petr PudlakAdd jessie64 buildslave
2014-04-29 Petr PudlakRemoved the squeeze64 buildbot completely
2014-03-13 Jose A. LopesDisable instance communication test on qa-vcluster...
2014-03-06 Petr PudlakAdd 'lens' to the wheezy, fedora and ubuntu buildbots
2014-02-27 Petr PudlakAdd the lifted-base dependency
2014-01-16 Helga VelroyenAdding new branch 2.11 to buildbot
2014-01-14 Klaus AehligAlso collect logs for QA
2014-01-09 Klaus AehligAlso collect vcluster logs, if present
2013-11-26 Klaus AehligAdd zlib and base64-bytestring as new dependencies
2013-11-21 Klaus AehligAdd kvm qa
2013-11-20 Klaus AehligDisable custum SSH port tests on vcluster
2013-11-07 Michele TartaraFedora: solve multi-version conflict
2013-11-07 Michele TartaraRemove Fedora17 buildslave
2013-10-30 Klaus AehligAdd snap-server to the fedora buildslave
2013-10-29 Klaus AehligInstall missing haskell packages on fedora
2013-10-17 Klaus AehligExplicitly request the /etc symlinks to be added
2013-10-17 Thomas ThrainerEnable tests on stable-2.10 branch
2013-09-23 Klaus AehligAlso clean up the paths for the new design
2013-08-29 Klaus AehligInstall patch on the fedora machines
2013-08-29 Klaus AehligUpdate the python-mock version on squeeze
2013-07-24 Michele TartaraIncrease ssh timeouts
2013-07-16 Klaus AehligAlso have test runs for stable-2.9
2013-07-03 Klaus AehligAdd a non-root user for submitting try jobs
2013-07-03 Klaus AehligSupport try-jobs
2013-06-27 Thomas ThrainerEnable VCluster QA
2013-06-27 Thomas ThrainerAdd missing dependencies for QA builds
2013-06-27 Thomas ThrainerAdd slack role for QA cluster machines
2013-06-26 Klaus AehligForce pylint version 0.25 on ubuntu
2013-06-20 Klaus AehligAdd a slack role for Fedora 18
2013-06-19 Klaus AehligAdd missing package to the fedora slack role
2013-06-19 Klaus AehligUpdate roles.conf
2013-06-18 Klaus AehligAdd a slack role for Ubuntu 13.04
2013-06-14 Michele TartaraAdd libraries to Fedora slack role
2013-05-28 Klaus AehligHave separat workdirs for separate branches
2013-05-24 Klaus AehligPoll all branches, not just master
2013-05-24 Klaus AehligAdd a slack role for fedora
2013-05-02 Thomas ThrainerInstall python-mock on buildslaves
2013-04-05 Guido Trottersqueeze cabal install: update from ganeti chroot
2013-04-05 Guido TrotterAdd yaml and snap server to the slack roles
2013-02-05 Iustin PopRemove duplicate public_html files
2013-02-05 Iustin PopMake buildbot also watch 2.7 and 2.8 branches
2013-01-30 Iustin PopInitial commit of the buildbot slack roles