These are the git repositories for the ganeti project. The project homepage is at

Patches should be sent to the mailing list at ganeti-devel.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
buildbot.git Ganeti public buildbot configuration 3 years ago
ganeti-doc.git Ganeti documentation web site 3 years ago
ganeti-github.git Ganeti core (mirrored from github) 20 months ago
ganeti-hoogle.git Ganeti Hoogle web site 3 years ago
ganeti.git Ganeti core (old repo, do not clone) 2 years ago
instance-debootstrap.git Debootstrap instance OS 3 years ago
p2v-transfer.git Physical-to-virtual tool 8 years ago
deprecated projects
htools.git Cluster allocation tools 8 years ago
nbma.git NBMA utilities 9 years ago